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*End Is Forever* 23-05-2003 10:01:28

Who Judges These Things?
The Ivor Novello award for songwriting excellence has this year gone to, er, Coldplay. "Song of the year" went to David Gray of all people. Time for "regime change" at the Novellos, methinks...

Funkodrom 23-05-2003 10:05:45

People who like boring music?

Scabrous Birdseed 23-05-2003 10:23:26



The international hit of the year was Complicated by 18-year-old Canadian singer Avril Lavigne.

Funkodrom 23-05-2003 10:27:29

That's ridiculous. Sk8er Boi is much better.

*End Is Forever* 23-05-2003 12:06:39


King_Ghidra 23-05-2003 15:15:49

I think the first 5 tracks on the new coldplay album are great. The first track 'Politik' is my favourite.

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