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Funkodrom 16-05-2003 12:45:51

Listen to Loud Medicine Without Prejudice!
The inhabitants of the music forum are about to embark on an ambitious new project under the dual banners of the highly successful Listen Without Prejudice and Loud Medicine projects.

The concept is as follows, forum members will submit music they have created themselves for a Listen Without Prejudice style CD and review cycle.

Some of the posters are going to be creating new work specifically for the project and some of these will take the form of new tracks based around a theme and using one (or one of several) sets of lyrics which can be submitted by anyone in the forum! If you want to get involved in submitting some of your own music, submitting lyrics that might get used in one or more songs, or writing a new track please visit the Music Forum now and join in the ongoing discussions. Even if you aren't musical at all you can write some lyrics.

DaShi 16-05-2003 13:17:39

Highly successful? :hmm:


Bob 16-05-2003 13:17:56

Listen without Medicine :)

Guy 16-05-2003 13:22:18

Loud Prejudice

Debaser 16-05-2003 13:28:47

So whats the concept?

I propose an album of tracks themed around the potential "Grey Goo" problems associated with futuristic nano-technology.

Debaser 16-05-2003 13:29:14

It would be like War of the Worlds for the 21st Century.

Bob 16-05-2003 13:31:09

I think it's great Funko added a link to the music forum!!!

The Shaker 16-05-2003 13:42:58

there's a music forum?

Funkodrom 16-05-2003 13:45:43


Originally posted by Bob
I think it's great Funko added a link to the music forum!!!
It's a news article doofus, go to the front page of the site and it makes sense. :rolleyes:

Debaser's idea is a bit geeky but could be good depending on what lyrics we got in.

Debaser 16-05-2003 14:33:59

Hmm, I was joking but.......

Debaser 16-05-2003 14:35:22

Hang on a minute! Are you saying that something I suggested is too geeky for counterglow? FUCK!!!

*runs off to kill himself*

Bob 16-05-2003 15:06:32

I like the idea of some scifi story

BigGameHunter 16-05-2003 15:11:14

I think it should be about how we are all bodiless brains in jars, lined up in rows and rows and rows in some secret government installation and they use the brain juice we excrete for something else and we just think we are at work posting and so forth.
Oh, wait...that's the Matrix.
Bastards stole my idea!

Anywho...I've got some old stuff (two bands/two sounds) to submit once I've worked out how to get it from tape to PC (thanks for the input, Mike...I thought I might be able to standard jack into the PC) and may even attempt something new, as my friends are very serious musicians and have about $50,000 worth of equipment in their studio.

Bob 16-05-2003 15:13:44

A strange scifi concept album is Fagans Kamakiriad. I like the car plot - too bad, I had the similar idea: I man is travelling on some kind of highway with a classic car, meeting people and situations of his past. He's on a journey through his mind, but you find out at the end, when his car crashes - it's the point of his birth. I don't know if he dies in the end. I liked the analogy car crash/birth ;)

Funkodrom 16-05-2003 15:14:05

Don't know if you saw this post but Vincent offered to help with the transfer of old material to CD etc.

BigGameHunter 16-05-2003 15:33:18

Yeah...that would be good. I'm a little nervous about some of these tapes, as they are the only recordings of live events, etc.
I'll see what I can do and then leave it in his capable hands if need be.

Bob 16-05-2003 15:38:10

Just copy the tapes. Don't mail them if they are valuable to you. Make a good copy, Dolby B or C if you like too. Don't expect me to send back any tapes, but you'll get a CD with your tracks. I got some hardware stuff that creates amazing resuts, even I can't ruin it ...

It would be helpful if you label the tapes, tracknumbers etc. I'd do that, but sometimes I'm so lazy.

BigGameHunter 16-05-2003 15:48:19

How do you copy a tape?

Funkodrom 16-05-2003 15:51:20

Normally on a tape player with 2 tape decks, press play on one and record on the other. Either that or connect one into the input of another and do the same.

Funkodrom 16-05-2003 15:51:58

Did you never copy tapes for your friends at school or whatever?

Bob 16-05-2003 15:53:20


BigGameHunter 16-05-2003 15:53:57

Ha ha...I was wondering how stupid you thought I was!

Bob 16-05-2003 15:55:46

Wonderful 100-0 here

Debaser 16-05-2003 15:57:03


Funkodrom 16-05-2003 15:57:22


Originally posted by BigGameHunter
Ha ha...I was wondering how stupid you thought I was!

Well as you can see I thought you were really fucking stupid. ;)

BigGameHunter 16-05-2003 17:42:34

Yes...that's rather disturbing now that I think about it.
You bastard!
Hee hee...I LOL'd on that one, I did. Imagine, me not knowing how to copy a tape. you put the blank one in the play or record side?

Bob 16-05-2003 18:45:50

Depends on the quality of your music

PosterBoy 16-05-2003 20:18:06

I don't get it

BigGameHunter 16-05-2003 20:22:11

Don't worry, Funkodrum will explain it all to you. V-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y....

Vincent 18-05-2003 12:08:21

I set up a site for news, downloads, email accounts etc

Funkodrom 19-05-2003 09:33:37

Cool. I like how you copied the 28 comments bit. ;)

Bob 19-05-2003 09:37:25

Stop posting here

Funkodrom 19-05-2003 09:49:11

Good solution. :D

Funkodrom 19-05-2003 09:49:45

Incidently we now have guitar tracks and drums for three new recordings. Hopefully get the vocals and bass down by next weekend.

Bob 19-05-2003 10:32:24

I have done nothing so far. Where are the lyrics?

Funkodrom 19-05-2003 10:33:14

These are Sonic Undermind recordings. I haven't started anything for the new project yet.

Bob 19-05-2003 10:42:31

Lazy sucker

Funkodrom 19-05-2003 10:44:18

I have some ideas though.

Bob 19-05-2003 10:48:37

I bet

Funkodrom 19-05-2003 10:51:01

The new SU stuff sounds great. :D

Bob 19-05-2003 10:55:22

Are you going to re-record it in the studio?

Funkodrom 19-05-2003 11:01:50

We've done it on protein's 16 track, which is really very, very impressive. It sounds excellent so far, maybe not quite as polished as the studio recordings but pretty close. I also think what I've heard of what we've got so far captures the feeling of the songs a bit better than the studio recordings did, because Rob's much more in tune with the band and what the songs should feel like than the producer of the other songs was. If we'd had more time in the studio we probably could have got that across but the time is too expensive.

Bob 19-05-2003 11:04:09

I see. Sounds good.
A person not evolved may be helpful, but I guess too often they do just the standard routine.

Eklektikos 19-05-2003 11:12:31


Originally posted by Bob
A person not evolved
You pay peanuts, you get monkeys... :nervous:

Funkodrom 19-05-2003 11:23:10


Originally posted by Bob
I see. Sounds good.
A person not evolved may be helpful, but I guess too often they do just the standard routine.

Yes, that's what it was like on our previous recordings. I think if we had enough time with them then they would get it more but recording all the parts mixing and finishing it all in a day isn't enough time.

Plus we could do stuff like double up all the guitar tracks when we needed to.

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