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*End Is Forever* 05-04-2003 16:10:22

RIAA Targets Students
Continuing a great tradition of filing lawsuits against those who can't afford to pay out anyway, the RIAA has launched action against four US students who are alleged to have exploited their campus networks for file-sharing. Rumour has it that the BPI are likely to pull a similar trick in Britain; strongly-worded letters have already gone out to University Vice-Chancellors.

Sean 05-04-2003 16:14:13

Didn’t the BPI want CD-Wow! to stop selling CDs cheap from Hong King?

*End Is Forever* 05-04-2003 16:18:12

I've no idea, but it wouldn't surprise me.

I got an e-mail a week or so back from one of the council candidates for the Heslington ward (which includes the University) in York about this issue. It would appear that if targeting individual students as the RIAA intends proves unfeasible, then they intend to launch legal proceedings against the University itself.

Provost Harrison 06-04-2003 21:21:02

Twats. This is one surefire way that the music industry is going to alienate itself from society in general if it continues with this destructive path of action...have they ever considered that as legitimate music supply is a cartel that people are going to use non-legitimate routes to acquire music...fair game really, if the music industry isn't going to play fair, then nor should the individual.

Darkstar 10-04-2003 06:18:22

Universities are good targets for them. Universities have to worry about being sued out of usefulness.

Universities also worry about bandwidth. According to the figures I've seen thrown about, music 'exchanging' accounts for 99% of all bandwidth used at the average university. That's according to the universities, mind you, so it isn't dispelling the RIAA (and its kin)'s case that all students are just music and wantabee thieves.

It's also not helping that Organized Crime has kicked up its bootlegging and illegal CD/DVD manufacturing, and their primary customers are students. So 'They' (FBI, RIAA, MPAA, et) say.

You know, it sounds like we need to just outlaw students, to stop all this crime and whatnot. Doesn't it?

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