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Scabrous Birdseed 19-02-2003 15:04:41

R.I.P. Sister Ignatius
One of the truly vital forces in Jamaican musical history, fosterer of a generation of stars, and more crucially, their backing bands.

King_Ghidra 19-02-2003 15:16:46

Great obitituary of her in the Guardian last weekend.

Scabrous Birdseed 19-02-2003 15:18:13

I missed it. Bollocks.

King_Ghidra 19-02-2003 15:19:05,00.html

not a great bit of writing, but an amazing story

Lazarus and the Gimp 19-02-2003 19:37:15

That's not all. Horace "Pepper" Wyler, who famously spent his life in Kingston cleaning gob and phlegm out of the brass of all Jamaica's top acts of the 1940's that don't sell many records these days, died today. The world mourns.

Scabrous Birdseed 19-02-2003 21:34:50


To put it into perspective, it's kinda like if the same woman had taught Chuck Berry, Elvis and Little Richard. There would be no reggae today, in any form, without the musicians fostered at the Alpha school.

Provost Harrison 19-02-2003 22:12:57

Joined Sister Wendy and Mother Teresa in that great convent in the sky.

Obitituary K_G? :lol:

Lazarus and the Gimp 20-02-2003 17:56:29

I've always been sceptical about determinist views on cultural history.

King_Ghidra 21-02-2003 09:34:09

quite rightly so, but clearly Sister Ignatius did play a very positive role in the development of jamaican music

Lazarus and the Gimp 21-02-2003 18:10:04

I'm just arsey because she got loads more coverage than Alan Lomax did.

Scabrous Birdseed 21-02-2003 19:29:48

What, on Counterglow?

Yeah, you're right.

Lazarus and the Gimp 21-02-2003 21:00:39

In the Guardian.

Scabrous Birdseed 21-02-2003 21:08:56

Alan Lomax had an Obit in the Guardian.

Scabrous Birdseed 21-02-2003 21:10:06,00.html

Plus there was this story last week:,00.html

Scabrous Birdseed 21-02-2003 21:10:28

And when I say "last week", I mean "Yesterday".

Scabrous Birdseed 21-02-2003 21:11:04

Plus there's this from the Observer.,00.html

Lazarus and the Gimp 22-02-2003 08:58:12

I don't read the Observer.

Scabrous Birdseed 22-02-2003 21:10:50


Originally posted by Lazarus and the Gimp
I've always been sceptical about determinist views on cultural history.
Certainly when it comes to "life-changing events/persons" and the like. You've got to think of The Alpha School For Boys as a sociological factor rather than as a random event.

*End Is Forever* 22-02-2003 21:29:27


I don't read the Observer.
A good start. We'll have you weaned off the Guardian in no time...

Scabrous Birdseed 22-02-2003 23:48:44

You don't read any of the newspapers.

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