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Tizzy 23-05-2004 12:58:38

I'm so stoopid
Why did I agree to work today, doing something which isn't even my job, when all I want to do is finish my book and watch DVD's (not necessarily at the same time, but you never know)


The Mad Monk 23-05-2004 13:06:08

Because you're a nice person (i.e., a sucker)?

Debaser 23-05-2004 13:11:05

I'm at work too. I was still drinking red wine at 4.00 this morning. My head hurts and I've run out of cigarettes.


Tizzy 23-05-2004 13:22:22

I'm not actually at work, at least I get to do this from home, which is better. Although maybe not, cos my book is right beside me.........

Spartak 23-05-2004 14:27:45

I'm at work...

MDA 23-05-2004 14:43:12

I'm not! I plan on playing computer games all afternoon, but I've got to go pick up an extra cable so I can link my wife's work computer to the DSL box first... and she wants to get her hair done, and I would never miss the chance to tag along for that :rolleyes:

Still, I'm having more fun than you.

MDA 23-05-2004 14:44:09

Read the book, Tizzy. You don't know the power of the dark side.

BigGameHunter 23-05-2004 16:43:41

Hair dresser boy!

Darkstar 25-05-2004 18:34:18

So, did you read the book, or do the work, Tizzy?

zmama 25-05-2004 18:42:47

Knowing Miz Tiz...she did the work, read the book, watched the dvds AND got sloshed! :D

Tizzy 26-05-2004 09:20:29

zmama knows me so well :D

Funkodrom 26-05-2004 09:22:08

How's the wine mountain going?

Tizzy 26-05-2004 09:42:48

Topped it up a couple of weeks ago so it's still looking pretty impressive :beer:

MDA 26-05-2004 11:20:53

Next you should do a wine fountain.

Gary 26-05-2004 11:33:48

Wot ?!? After drinking it ?

Funkodrom 26-05-2004 12:03:05


Originally posted by Tizzy
Topped it up a couple of weeks ago so it's still looking pretty impressive :beer:
Need a hand?

zmama 26-05-2004 12:24:57

Wine road trip! :D

Tizzy 26-05-2004 13:11:02

Thank you for your kind, generous, and obviously selfless offer Funko, but I think I'll manage :)

MDA 26-05-2004 13:47:47


Originally posted by Gary
Wot ?!? After drinking it ?
That's not the kind of fun we're looking for.:eek:

Funkodrom 26-05-2004 13:50:46


Originally posted by Tizzy
Thank you for your kind, generous, and obviously selfless offer Funko, but I think I'll manage :)
Why merely manage? :D

Drekkus 26-05-2004 13:52:58

What wine mountain?

Funkodrom 26-05-2004 13:55:35

Tizzy foolishly let on that she'd be late for the CG meeting because she was waiting for 2 shed fulls of wine to be delivered.

zmama 26-05-2004 13:57:46

I like Tizzy :D

Funkodrom 26-05-2004 13:59:10

I'm prepared to pretend I like her if I get free wine.

Did I say that out loud? Bugger.

Drekkus 26-05-2004 14:01:20

Was it Kent wine?

Tizzy 26-05-2004 14:57:18


Funkodrom 26-05-2004 15:00:51

She sounds angry.

Tizzy 26-05-2004 15:04:22

Always :)

Funkodrom 26-05-2004 15:11:10

I nearly added that myself. :D

MDA 26-05-2004 15:57:41


Originally posted by zmama
I like Tizzy :D
You've got something on your nose.

self biased 26-05-2004 15:59:44


zmama 26-05-2004 17:56:35


Originally posted by MDA
You've got something on your nose.
A cicada?

MDA 26-05-2004 20:12:00


Jeremiah always had some very fine wine.

zmama 26-05-2004 20:13:40

Umm tasty frog legs !

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