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zmama 22-04-2017 13:08:53

Science is Real!
Yes indeedy do :gasmaske_mad:

jsorense 22-04-2017 14:43:57

The philosophy of science works most of the time. ��✈️����

zmama 22-04-2017 16:05:04

March complete! Huge turn out for Morgantown...couple thousand.

jsorense 22-04-2017 16:33:05

Good show.
Spending the Morning in the Food Bank booth for Earth Day. :)

Koshko 22-04-2017 17:57:17

I'm just happy that this year there weren't that many 4/20 WEED references on the internet.

Oerdin 23-04-2017 09:56:21

I like the idea but I want science to be a nonpartisan issue which everyone can trust. Yes, Republicans have turned science denial into an art form but if scientists get too political there is a danger they will be seen as partisan actors thus leading to further marginalization. It is a fine line which needs to be walked.

zmama 23-04-2017 18:27:49

I know, don't want to hurt those delicate Republican feelings!

Koshko 23-04-2017 19:12:48

zmama 23-04-2017 20:41:00

:gasmaske: :gasmaske: :gasmaske:

Oerdin 24-04-2017 01:48:41


Originally Posted by zmama (Post 1075028)
I know, don't want to hurt those delicate Republican feelings!

It is more of scientists want their objectivity to be beyond question because there are already so many trolls and conspiracy theories. No need to feed into them be appearing partisan unnecessarily.

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