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*End Is Forever* 11-04-2002 17:41:38



Mightytree 11-04-2002 17:45:30

:eek: :eek:


Colon 11-04-2002 17:45:31

I don't get why they always want goats. What's wrong with cows or pigs?

Colon 11-04-2002 17:46:20

And Iain, why are you reading The Sun?

Chris 11-04-2002 17:46:36

So MikeH's real name is Hall, eh? :hmm:

*End Is Forever* 11-04-2002 17:48:53

Someone alerted me to the link, Colon... and :lol: @ Chris!

Sean 11-04-2002 17:49:58

-1, already posted.

Guynemer 11-04-2002 17:54:22

Sorry, I was distracted by the woman in the wonderbra. What was this article again?

Gary 12-04-2002 08:58:53

What a silly bugger :D

It's a wonder some of the other goats didn't butt in.

Funkodrom 12-04-2002 09:00:58

When I first heard about the goat hairs I wondered whether the police did a DNA trace on the goat hairs, after all he could claim they were from a totally different goat and he'd just been to a petting zoo... (no, not an evil petting zoo)

FunkyFingers 12-04-2002 09:19:14

Old story - that's been linked here before hasn't it?
Still funny though :D

SquishyMarbles 12-04-2002 15:02:27

Yea, that's been posted about twice. That exact link once, and then a follow up.

DaShi 12-04-2002 15:04:13

I didn't read it but :lol:

Venom 12-04-2002 15:07:15

I bet each time it was posted someone called the guy MikeH.

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