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Nav 13-01-2004 22:04:18

Counterglow: South Park 2004

Created a couple of new ones especially for this. ;)

self biased 13-01-2004 22:04:59

OI! where am i?

HelloKitty 13-01-2004 22:08:07

Hiding behind the fro?

Nav 13-01-2004 22:15:34

sorry I couldnt fit everybody in!

Edit: My mistake, there you are as Kitty said, behind qweeg!

MDA 13-01-2004 23:10:47


Nice pink shirt on the guy with the rifle.

Eklektikos 13-01-2004 23:13:21


Originally posted by Nav
sorry I couldnt fit everybody in!


Drekkus 13-01-2004 23:13:52


Who's the black haired suit with the beer?

QtFLW@Work 14-01-2004 00:17:34


Originally posted by Nav
sorry I couldnt fit everybody in!

Edit: My mistake, there you are as Kitty said, behind qweeg!

Oh bollocks, there's tons of whitespace in there! :shoot:

HelloKitty 14-01-2004 00:57:37

Queeg and I, minorities on the german forum. So much whitespace.

Funkodrom 14-01-2004 09:20:58

Venom's hillarious.

protein 14-01-2004 09:24:17


Drekkus 14-01-2004 09:43:00


Originally posted by Funkodrom
Venom's hillarious.
it is. He's a good Cartman anyway.

maroule 14-01-2004 09:49:38

Venom is even poking his gun in my eye!! breathtaking realism!!

protein 14-01-2004 09:55:51


Nobody loves me.

King_Ghidra 14-01-2004 10:01:38

:lol: nice job nav

Funkodrom 14-01-2004 10:07:38

Nav's version of me is excellent. :)

maroule 14-01-2004 10:09:06

what about Keith?

Drekkus 14-01-2004 10:10:24


Originally posted by protein

Nobody loves me.

Who are you? You look like a granny. :p

Nav 14-01-2004 10:58:47


Originally posted by Drekkus

Who's the black haired suit with the beer?

Take a guess.... :)

I have the original photoshop (2mb) file if anybody wants to do alternate versions. I can email it.

Drekkus 14-01-2004 11:11:20

I have really no idea...

I see that you guys didn't have the nerve to try for a pinkbeard character?

Drekkus 14-01-2004 11:12:09

RC maybe?

Funkodrom 14-01-2004 11:14:00

Classic Drekkus!!!

Look on the left next to maroule.

Vincent 14-01-2004 11:17:33


Funkodrom 14-01-2004 11:20:06

In front of Qweeg with the guy with the pink shirt and rifle pointing at him.

Vincent 14-01-2004 11:21:34

Qweeg is quite easy to spot, I remember the green shirt. That's Maroule?

self biased 14-01-2004 11:23:02

odd. i never knew qweeg was black.

Drekkus 14-01-2004 11:24:04


Originally posted by Funkodrom
Classic Drekkus!!!

Look on the left next to maroule.

that's pinkshirt??? I meant pinkbeard?

Funkodrom 14-01-2004 11:24:29

He has had pictures of himself in his avatar before...

Vincent, do you have avatars turned off?

Vincent 14-01-2004 11:25:00

So you obviously have never checked this:

Vincent 14-01-2004 11:25:56


Originally posted by Funkodrom
Vincent, do you have avatars turned off?
The all look the same to me

self biased 14-01-2004 11:26:36

nope. can't say i have, vincent.

Funkodrom 14-01-2004 11:26:37


Originally posted by Drekkus
that's pinkshirt??? I meant pinkbeard?
Pinkshirt is Venom - Pinkbeard is Rachel.

Drekkus 14-01-2004 11:27:05

yes, that IS what I meant.

Drekkus 14-01-2004 11:32:53

I should have put a rolleyes with that.

Funkodrom 14-01-2004 11:33:13

1 Attachment(s)

Vincent 14-01-2004 11:33:54


Drekkus 14-01-2004 11:34:04

:lol: Too bad the beard is not long enough.

Funkodrom 14-01-2004 11:38:33

It's actually a remarkably good likeness. :cute:

MoSe 14-01-2004 11:41:32

and if hatless she can't be Rachel

BTW, I'm in the center! I'm forum focal point! Yaaaaaaay!

MoSe 14-01-2004 11:42:30

you forgot the vampyre teeth too

Drekkus 14-01-2004 11:43:02

So is it RC with the cig and the beer?

Funkodrom 14-01-2004 11:44:02


Vincent 14-01-2004 11:44:33

I thought RC was the guy in the ugly shirt, rolling on the floor

MoSe 14-01-2004 11:46:56


Originally posted by Drekkus
So is it RC with the cig and the beer?
I see we use the same taylor....

Drekkus 14-01-2004 11:47:47


Originally posted by Funkodrom
Is that a no?

Vincent 14-01-2004 11:49:31

No, that's a :lol:

Funkodrom 14-01-2004 11:51:16

Anyway, if you look carefully you can see LadyRachel in the original, holding Shiny's hand and wearing her hat.

Drekkus 14-01-2004 11:51:53

So you agree?

Drekkus 14-01-2004 11:53:06

crossposted to vincent...

ah yes, the LR makes sense now. Very nice lurker symbolism.

Vincent 14-01-2004 11:53:36

So who is who from left to right?

MoSe 14-01-2004 11:54:53

the onlooker's left or the characters' left?

Vincent 14-01-2004 11:57:00

Well, I don't know

Funkodrom 14-01-2004 11:59:19

Qweeg, Venom, Self Biased, Maroule, HelloKitty, Funkodrom, DaShi, (on the floor) GregW, (with the mic) Debaser, Beta1, Mightytree, MoSe, RC, Nav, Dyl, OldWarrior, Drekkus, Noisy, King_Ghidra, Scabrous Birdseed, zmama, Shining1, LadyRachel

Drekkus 14-01-2004 12:00:38

qweeg is on the left.

Funkodrom 14-01-2004 12:01:57


King_Ghidra 14-01-2004 12:04:17

This forum is hideously white.

Vincent 14-01-2004 12:04:34

Mightytree is my twin?

Funkodrom 14-01-2004 12:04:52

It's the little touches that make this genius.

Scabby on his own out front looking sidewards and kind of behind him.

zmama ready to knife Shiny if he does anything bad, the gun in maroule's nose. LR hiding mostly off screen.

btw, Noisy was a guess, I'm not sure that definitely is him but I think it's him saying "AND WHEN I SAY MEDIUM RARE...!"

Funkodrom 14-01-2004 12:05:37


Originally posted by Vincent
Mightytree is my twin?
All germans look the same.

Vincent 14-01-2004 12:06:01

So KG is german?

MoSe 14-01-2004 12:07:11

I immediatley thought that was Noisy too, and immediately felt bad about thinking it was him :cute: :lol:

King_Ghidra 14-01-2004 12:07:32

I'm too inefficient to be german.

Vincent 14-01-2004 12:10:30

Ah, Austrian!

LoD 14-01-2004 12:54:30

And I'm left out again of course :cry:...

Funkodrom 14-01-2004 12:58:59

LoD 14-01-2004 13:01:32

Whe're the guitars?

King_Ghidra 14-01-2004 14:05:12

locked away, thankfully

mike appears to have a mouthful of cum in his picture

Drekkus 14-01-2004 14:09:29

:lol: KG, you do have a sick mind.

Dyl Ulenspiegel 14-01-2004 14:09:34


Originally posted by Vincent
Ah, Austrian!
KG is too brown to be Austrian.

Lefty Scaevola 14-01-2004 14:21:56

How do this mutunat thrive in a technological world, without fingers?

Drekkus 14-01-2004 14:27:10



Beta1 14-01-2004 15:10:17

Shame Noisy's famous T-Shirt isnt on the southpark one

Nav 14-01-2004 15:19:50

I couldnt find a picture of it, so I hid him behind somebody else.

Drekkus 14-01-2004 15:28:35

Shame you couldn't have used the Noisy pic from Rotterdam.

MoSe 14-01-2004 15:33:12

BTW, what happened to the November Round Table meeting pics????

Funkodrom 14-01-2004 15:33:58

Did someone have a camera?

MoSe 14-01-2004 15:37:16

at least TWO, IIRC.
Red for sure, and prolly someone else too. Beta or Maroule? (of course I couldn't and still can't tell the two apart... ;))

MoSe 14-01-2004 15:38:13

were you too drunk to remember that we *posed* for some shots?

Funkodrom 14-01-2004 15:38:27

Of course, they are identical.

MoSe 14-01-2004 15:38:53

fuck, I hope that was not a hundrenil attempt... :nervous:

whew, no, it looks like you let it pass, or chose to... :D

Funkodrom 14-01-2004 15:40:16

Posed for shots? I was too drunk I think... I can't remember. :)

Noisy 16-01-2004 20:05:04

Bugger. Couldn't you do one of chagarra, so I wouldn't be the only one looking old and decrepit? :D

Glad to see I'm wearing my characteristic frown as well.

Well done Nav!

QtFLW@Work 16-01-2004 23:50:56

Of course he could, there's plenty of space, he's just too damned lazy. Like all those styles he was going to do.


TV4Fun 17-01-2004 01:37:53


Originally posted by Nav
sorry I couldnt fit everybody in!

Edit: My mistake, there you are as Kitty said, behind qweeg!


Greg W 17-01-2004 04:06:02

:lol: @ the pic. Well done Nav. :beer:

Shining1 18-01-2004 02:06:48

Absolutely brilliant. We'll have to store that and add people as we go:).

The bit with Zmama, Me, and Rachel is 100% accurate...:nervous:

zmama 18-01-2004 02:51:08


Noisy 18-01-2004 11:11:54

Damn, I'm old and slow. I've just figured out the Greg W one: pint of Old Peculier; stains on the t-shirt, and passed out on the floor.

Greg W 18-01-2004 11:41:17


Go back, and that's the exact same (well, almost) pic that I used in the original thread.

Noisy 18-01-2004 11:50:00

Old, slow, and with short term memory problems. And your point was? :D

Nav 18-01-2004 13:32:56

will people stop complaining, I'm a designer ffs. ;)

btw can somebody find me a picture of one of the sheep from south park?....

protein 18-01-2004 13:38:07

I would but I wasn't in the original picture. :cry:

Noisy 18-01-2004 13:39:38

This site seems appropriate:

Noisy 18-01-2004 13:40:56

Oh, in Counterglow font it looks different: I thought it said gayshome.

shagnasty 18-01-2004 19:50:59

Help. I'm being thick again.
It won't let me save the fookin picture.:confused: :mad:

Vincent 18-01-2004 19:51:22


Chairman Yang 18-01-2004 19:54:39

(own goal) press print screen and then paste in paint or some such. I think.

Nav 18-01-2004 20:41:43

Not quite the south park sheep (which I couldnt find for love or money), but it'll do...

Nav 18-01-2004 20:46:13

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jsorense 19-01-2004 00:49:49

I want to see a South Park Sir Penguin.

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