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Funkodrom 05-12-2008 17:10:44

Doom - Flash Game
Fuck yeah, the original Doom, converted to Flash.

Click here!

Enjoy your weekend.

Funko 17-12-2008 09:08:44

93 views, no posts. :(

Aredhran 17-12-2008 13:52:36

Everybody's too busy playing it :p

Venom 17-12-2008 14:34:47

Did Funko pity post himself? That's sad.

MDA 17-12-2008 14:49:33

I played some.

Funko 17-12-2008 14:52:56


Originally posted by Venom
Did Funko pity post himself? That's sad.

Lurker the Second 18-12-2008 16:09:13

I kept viewing but not posting just to annoy him, but then he pity posted and ruined it. Now I have to keep viewing the other thread and not posting there.

Fistandantilus 18-12-2008 16:43:05


Provost Harrison 19-12-2008 08:57:54

Wow, it shows how computers have moved on when you can play Doom on a flash player.

Actually I was only playing a bit of Doom the other day, you know, for nostalgic purposes. I used to play it when I was in the first year at uni quite a bit. I can now complete Doom or Doom 2 on Ultra-Violence whilst drinking a cup of coffee :lol:

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