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MattHiggs 22-02-2002 22:35:08

Big Huge News
David and Victoria Beckham are expecting their second child in September, they have announced, confirming speculation that Victoria was pregnant again.

I'm so excited I could wee my pants - oops.

LoD 22-02-2002 22:41:48

Aww, Matt, that was a dirty trick. I thought the thread would reference to everyone's favorite ex-Firaxians.

RedFred 23-02-2002 03:43:05

Who are these badly dressed people? The guy has a vest that is far too tight. The women's blouse is so tight that it went and split open down the centre seam.

Funkodrom 23-02-2002 07:07:11

They might be badly dressed but that is the second most important man in the country, the most important Englishman and his wife.

The Mad Monk 23-02-2002 07:16:30

I only see two people there-you mentioned three...:confused:

Funkodrom 23-02-2002 07:17:30

:hmm: I mentioned two titles for the same man. ;)

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