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paiktis 06-03-2018 20:01:02

come on
random thoughts.

Turkey captured two greek soldiers. Turkey will bleed bucketloads of blood by tomorrow if it doesn't release them now. That's not a threat. That's merely a fact. A red fact.

I drunk a lot of beer

Oerdin 07-03-2018 11:45:12

The dictator Erdogan has taken hostage taking of late. He has done it with a half dozen countries.

paiktis 10-03-2018 13:21:32

I honestly don't understand what Turkey is doing.

You can bitch and moan about tiny rock islands and fishes and goats. You can even bitch about sea oil fields. But you can't take hostages human lives.
That's the big differentiale in a democracy. The indivindual matters.
Now 11 million greeks feel like their sons are in a turkish prison.

There are now 2 planned fully armed and live ammo military exercises in the aegean which are going to start. As I said, turks are going down. There is no fear for war.

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