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Colon 29-03-2003 23:17:33

What happened to FFZ
"A site for Americans and friends of Americans"

WTF? Hadn't Bloom turned the forum into a football forum?

Jon Miller part Deux 29-03-2003 23:20:02

as good as GP


Jon Miller

Jon Miller part Deux 29-03-2003 23:22:29

actually, better than

Jon Miller

Dyl Ulenspiegel 29-03-2003 23:29:17

It's become a happy little place.

Colon 29-03-2003 23:31:28

So the Americans from CG emigrated to FFZ? Is CG a pinky Eurocom place now?

Dyl Ulenspiegel 29-03-2003 23:35:04

Some emigrated, yes. The eurocoms have not managed to purge CG in the same way as FFZ (french-free-zone?), though.

Mightytree 30-03-2003 00:34:46


Originally posted by Colon
So the Americans from CG emigrated to FFZ?
Walrus left, that's all.

KrazyHorse 30-03-2003 04:52:42


Originally posted by Colon
So the Americans from CG emigrated to FFZ? Is CG a pinky Eurocom place now?
The difference is that everybody's welcome here. Some people just can't take dissenting opinion, and thus don't visit any more.

KrazyHorse 30-03-2003 04:53:16

TMM still visits, as does GP and Venom.

Jon Miller, Loinburger adn Supersneak too.

Koshko 30-03-2003 05:28:24

Basically FFZ is right and CG is left now.

Sir Penguin 30-03-2003 05:34:13

I object, on behalf of those of us who are politically misaligned.


loinburger 30-03-2003 05:38:58

I wouldn't call GP or Venom "left." Hell, I probably wouldn't call me "left" either, if it meant being put in the same group as MrFun.

KrazyHorse 30-03-2003 05:57:07

I'd object to being called a human being if it put me in the same category as MrFun.


RedFred 30-03-2003 05:58:09

I used to be able to write with my left hand after I had my right hand/arm immobilized in a cast, but I have since lost that skill.

KrazyHorse 30-03-2003 06:01:22

That's funny. I used to be able to wank with my right hand, but have lost that skill since I obtained a voice-operated keyboard...

Colon 30-03-2003 06:12:18

I used to be able to wank using someone else's hand.

KrazyHorse 30-03-2003 06:14:08

Was it still attached?

RedFred 30-03-2003 06:20:00

Or did you have to go to a second hand store?

KrazyHorse 30-03-2003 06:22:19

You live on the West Coast, right?

1 return ticket to BC: 600$
1 hunting rifle: 480$
1 telescopic sight: 53$

Revenge, served cold: priceless

Colon 30-03-2003 06:23:53

You forgot the price for a large knife.

RedFred 30-03-2003 06:29:03

Er. No. I live in Baghdad. Come visit me there... here, I mean.

KrazyHorse 30-03-2003 06:38:00

Do you have a moustache by any chance?

C.G.B. Spender 30-03-2003 06:42:00

FFZ was dead, now it's worse

C.G.B. Spender 30-03-2003 06:46:27

I'm left AND right

Koshko 30-03-2003 07:01:13

Well the poeple that post at both and neither I guess.

C.G.B. Spender 30-03-2003 07:06:18

I don't even post there

Koshko 30-03-2003 07:06:46

um pants!

C.G.B. Spender 30-03-2003 07:09:15


Lazarus and the Gimp 30-03-2003 07:38:23


Originally posted by Koshko
Basically FFZ is right and CG is left now.
I'm sorry Iain, but you're a lefty now. Please don't try to make a scene or anything.

Asher 30-03-2003 07:42:18

I write with my left, and I'm left on the right.

Koshko 30-03-2003 07:51:54

I guess we are all well centered.

joespaniel 30-03-2003 08:01:46


Originally posted by C.G.B. Spender
FFZ was dead, now it's worse
It's undead.


Koshko 30-03-2003 08:02:28

He's dead Jim

joespaniel 30-03-2003 08:07:43!

Dyl Ulenspiegel 30-03-2003 08:15:13

Walrus and Chris in that pic?

Curt Sibling 30-03-2003 08:43:13


Originally posted by joespaniel!
Those are in short supply these days...:D

Sir Penguin 30-03-2003 23:46:42


Originally posted by joespaniel
It's undead.


Is that from the second Dune miniseries?


The Mad Monk 31-03-2003 07:42:47

No, ithey're the Sci-Fi Network's programming directors.

Resource Consumer 31-03-2003 08:53:48

I thought it was the annual conference of the British Conservative party...

Drekkus 31-03-2003 08:56:45

They don't look that well conserved to me.

Resource Consumer 31-03-2003 09:07:07

I tend to think of them as the preservative party:D

Funkodrom 31-03-2003 09:16:55

Do I have to be a friend of all americans to post there or just the ones I'm actually friends with?

Dyl Ulenspiegel 31-03-2003 09:20:45

I suppose you have to be a friend of true Americans, ie those who support their government in any war it may start.

Drekkus 31-03-2003 09:35:04

I have fucked france though, or at least a french girl. Maybe that would make it ok for me?

TAZ 31-03-2003 09:36:32

Maybe. their OT is a cesspit now.

Drekkus 31-03-2003 09:41:51

I think it's sad they went, because of politics. Really, really sad. But for now it's better, I guess.

Resource Consumer 31-03-2003 09:48:57

I agree. I would prefer that they stayed but not if they were just going to rant at everything around them, so the atmosphere is a lot better over here now.

I looked at some of the threads there and it did occur to me that they may not be really serious and that it is really a brilliant parody of some sections of US opinion?

TAZ 31-03-2003 09:49:50

I'm not sure that the posters over there are that sophisticated.

Dyl Ulenspiegel 31-03-2003 09:50:46

It looks like a parody, but I'm afraid it isn't one....

TAZ 31-03-2003 09:51:44

I just said that.

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