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Asher 15-03-2006 03:57:13

Sony shoots self in foot
---> PS3 delayed until November 2006. Early reports indicate this is a "global launch", which is odd because Sony has constantly blasted the concept of a global launch before.

More likely: Japanese launch in November 2006, US launch in Spring 2007, Europe launch in Summer 2007.

Asher 15-03-2006 03:59:10

Oh yeah, the reason?

Copy protection on Bluray ain't finalized.

That's so sweet. Not only are most consumers going to pay an assload more for a drive they'll never use, but they have to wait 6+ months longer for the PS3 because Sony hasn't finalized the way to prevent them from using the media they purchase as they want. ouch and ouch.

DaShi 15-03-2006 06:56:14

I was just thinking about the extreme advantage the Xbox360 had in releasing early. The PS3 is going to have to be incredibly impressive, if it wants to get a foothold on the market coming in so late. I guess it just assumes with the gamecube gone, there's less competition to worry about.

Asher 15-03-2006 07:06:36

Nintendo's Revolution launches sometime this year.

DaShi 15-03-2006 07:34:22


Asher 15-03-2006 07:57:58

More info:

Sony confirms it will be a worldwide release (North America, Japan, and Asia) in November 2006, with a supply of 1 million consoles per month (across all 3 regions!).

Also, they announced PS3 online will have a free "basic" version (*cough* Xbox Live Silver) and a premium version (*cough* Xbox Live Gold).

Also, the PS3 is "Live" and "4D". Oh, Ken...

Also, 60GB harddrive is "required" (but they refuse to confirm that it's included! go figure...)

No price announced.

Final development kits in June of this year (hah...)

Gary 15-03-2006 09:29:14

Not into games boxes, but in any case, after the Sony CD protection/rootkit fiasco I think twice about buying their stuff anyway. Can't be trusted.

Deacon 15-03-2006 21:33:47

To think that Sony and Philips collaborated to create the CD way back when. Now Sony is trashing the format with DRM.

Darkstar 16-03-2006 19:25:04

I see Sony is already making excuses for the PS3 not being very backward compatible as well.

Cruddy 19-03-2006 01:48:48


If you want to set new standards you have to tear up the old ones.

Wonder how many will catch fire? ;)

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