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Vincent 31-01-2005 07:29:59

David Thomas proves
that you can be a fat man, coughing and playing the accordeon at the same time. Is he still alive?

zmama 31-01-2005 11:34:22

I never knew you played accordian!

MDA 31-01-2005 12:55:40

The Dave Thomas of Wendy's Hamburgers died, but I don't think that's who you're talking about.

zmama 31-01-2005 13:00:20

MDA 31-01-2005 13:06:37

Bah, access denied. Must be a terrorist.

zmama 31-01-2005 13:15:53

Oh definately... he's from Cleveland

zmama 31-01-2005 13:17:21


David Lynn Thomas, b. 1953 in Miami FL. Raised in Cleveland OH. (snip)

Founder of legendary avant-rock band Pere Ubu, singer David Thomas has been re-writing the rules of popular music for more than 29 years. Formed in Cleveland OH in 1975, Pere Ubu integrated found sound, analog synthesizers and musique concrete into a hybrid of overdriven midwestern garage rock tempered by abstract sensibilities. The band's first release, The Modern Dance (1978), can be found on all sorts of critics' lists of "The Great Albums." Over the years Pere Ubu has released a stream of uncompromising, highly original records, the latest being St Arkansas (2002).

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