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zmama 16-01-2005 17:37:27

Calling Dr. Vernon
I hope you do proctology, too.

There seems to be a Dutchman stuck in Colon.

Colon 16-01-2005 17:39:21

Ik heb enkel maar een bolletje kaas gegeten!

zmama 16-01-2005 17:44:08

Cheese is very binding...

and Dutch

miester gandertak 16-01-2005 17:51:48

There is some dutchman in all of us.

Colon 16-01-2005 17:52:06

It's the Dutch disease.

miester gandertak 16-01-2005 17:53:50

Colon went completely Dutch.
it was awesome

Colon 16-01-2005 17:54:43

Het is fijn om neejderlander te sjijn.

miester gandertak 16-01-2005 18:59:35

Say doctor....
are you as good as this one?

Drekkus 16-01-2005 21:42:44

That's Venom right there!!

miester gandertak 16-01-2005 21:47:58

So doogy thought him well.

Drekkus 16-01-2005 21:52:03

They're good friends so to see.

miester gandertak 16-01-2005 22:14:42

He has probably a jackknife in the other hand and is mumbling...... smile stupid doctor smile damned.

protein 16-01-2005 22:24:09

Ik hoop dat het niet besmettelijk is.

Drekkus 16-01-2005 22:33:27

Doogy does look like he's being probed by surprise.

Drekkus 16-01-2005 22:34:05

Hey, protein's doing dutch there! :applause:

protein 16-01-2005 22:37:49

Het is gemakkelijk met de interweb om u te helpen.

protein 16-01-2005 22:38:59

Ik moet gedronken worden. Het is niet normaal voor een man om post in andere talen te vertalen.

Drekkus 16-01-2005 22:41:31

'You need to be drunk' sounds really funny in dutch :D

protein 16-01-2005 22:44:58

Hmm. That's not what I put in the translation thingy.

How come I can type when I've been drinking and jonk mollef can't?

protein 16-01-2005 22:46:03

erm... I mean komt u hoe ik kan typen wanneer ik heb gedronken en jonk kan mollef niet?

Colon 16-01-2005 22:47:06

You sound just like Drekkus!

protein 16-01-2005 22:48:54

Yaaay! My hero.

Drekkus 16-01-2005 22:50:05


Originally posted by protein
erm... I mean komt u hoe ik kan typen wanneer ik heb gedronken en jonk kan mollef niet?
:lol: Damn, Protein, you need to be doing dutch drunk more often!

Venom 17-01-2005 00:58:04

Some things can't be undone.

Funkodrom 17-01-2005 10:00:49

Who's Jonk Mollef?

Drekkus 17-01-2005 10:01:54

Wim Jonk's wife.

Venom 17-01-2005 13:41:56


miester gandertak 17-01-2005 13:48:09

Wim Jonkvrouw

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