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C.G.B. Spender 25-01-2008 11:50:29

Worst album covers

Some made me laugh!

Anything else?

Resource Consumer 25-01-2008 16:46:34

the Milky Bar kid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Walrus Feeder 26-01-2008 00:26:53

:lol: :clueless: They're all absolutely mental. How can humans be so tastless and bonkers. Mind you lots of them were German.

C.G.B. Spender 28-01-2008 08:18:07

Obviusly they are taken from this site

It also contains a few more gems ...

C.G.B. Spender 28-01-2008 08:20:13

Hey, there's even an album of my old band!

MoSe 28-01-2008 10:21:12


Scabrous Birdseed 28-01-2008 10:34:36

Probably the ugliest album I personally own:

Provost Harrison 29-01-2008 12:18:09


Nills Lagerbaak 29-01-2008 12:29:52

The local magazine "Venue" did a feature on heavy metal and I saw this one in it!

Didn't think I'd see this album cover again in a million years, ceertainly not here, the very next day!!

Immortal Wombat 22-02-2008 16:25:46

Funko 22-02-2008 16:31:37


Scabrous Birdseed 22-02-2008 16:43:26


Fergus & The Brazen Car 06-03-2008 15:24:19

The young Antonio Banderas doesn't look at all happy...

...that cover is so magnificently awful, I'm still having difficulty processing it.

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