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Aredhran 24-11-2001 22:29:06

Aliens vs Predator 2
Just came out.

AvsP was the only FPS that actually freaked me out, especially playing the marine. That is one game that I just couldn't play before going to bed, because I would be too tense to sleep afterwards !

One of my friends bought it, I'm waiting for his feedback... Hope it's as good as the first one.

Venom 27-11-2001 15:15:23

Never played the first one, though it sounded like a cool premise for a game.

I loved the fact that the game was packaged with a pair of underwear as it would make you crap your pants.

Resource Consumer 27-11-2001 15:23:39

Get him to do a review and submit it!

Aredhran 28-11-2001 00:37:33

I don't think he can be bothered.

Venom 28-11-2001 01:43:59

He better be bothered.

Aredhran 28-11-2001 08:13:47

Or you'll come down knowing at this door (or was it knocking his door down ?)

No longer Trippin 28-11-2001 19:26:43

I'm probably buying it soon, don't know when yet though. I have three round trip tickets to buy just for december, early january alone. So I'm saving my spending cash to use for that instead of dipping into savings to buy them. God damn airlines (oh, our fares are cheaper now!) Bullshit. They are more expensive for all but the flying hub to hub.

No longer Trippin 01-12-2001 21:19:30

Despite what the game says, you NEED 256 megs of ram... load times are a fucking killer. One a p3 500 with a geforce 3, on best detail, it takes over 2 1/2 minutes, on medium, still takes over a minute. I only have 128 megs of ram... god this game EATS fucking ram. They tell you it in the manual, but not on the box... recommended should be 256 megs, not whatever was stated. Graphics are great for a lithtech engine, still not q3 arena engine, but the graphics are gorgeous, if you can wait 2 FUCKING minutes, then another 2 FUCKING minutes. Cutscene, 2 minutes, loading game 2 minutes. It's a fucking pain in the damned ass.

The interface is shitty as well, it's typical fps, but certain things don't fucking work... I'm downloading the 4 meg patch now on bloody 56k. I'm not impressed so far.

No longer Trippin 03-12-2001 05:47:29

Okay, now I've seen it on a fast machine - p4 1 ghz, 384megs ram, geforce 3. It looks beautiful, but wolfenstien looked better still. Lithtech is still behind graphics wise in all categories. While AvP made more of an impression graphically, it wasn't cause the graphics were better, it was the setting. I don't see why the requirements are so high for an engine which basically has to render black over 75% of the screen. My friend's machine still had the occassional blip of load time during a mission itself, which is inexcusable for a machine with his settings. Now onto mine.

On my machine (on med detail), after a gaming session, it can take upwards of 5 to 7 minutes to clear out the disk cache. Quick save is quick, but quick load is just as slow as regular load. Also during missions, you can guess, not just by the music, but there is either a very brief, to a very noticable load time when enemies are placed into action (1/4 to 10 seconds). This also happens at inconvient times like when a different weapon is used that hasn't been used before (the last boss for the predator mission killed me on the pause alone).

The game itself is fairly fucking hard as I'm having a save reload fest on normal, but it's generally the first half of each species set of missions, until you know exactly how to play them and how much they can dish and take. As a marine you will ALWAYS be fucking alone. As an alien or predator you'll kill them in packs, but when your the guy, you get to prance around playing the lone ranger. Same goes with the alien. Rarely do you encounter multiple predators, and if you do, they take turns on you. Meaning you kill one, the other then chooses to pounce on you.

The marine missions require the most patience, as you have to creep around, as running will get you killed. Nothing is more "fun" than the game throwing three to five aliens at you at once and you get stuck in the middle of them, only to turn the next corner and see two or three more (on the first mission this happens... the marine gets assfucked in this game). If you have patience, they are great, as they do keep you on the edge of your seat. Having that bloody many aliens out there will do that to you, and then there are the predators. . .

The Predator missions are almost like the marine missions, except you can stroll around at will long as you have the ability to cloak and your around marines. If your a cautious player, with the way the health and power for it are set up, you can nearly never die. Running backwards with the autotargetting (you can't chose otherwise unless you pick a filter which makes it hard to impossible to see the aliens). plasmacaster works wonders on alien drones. The few humans that can see you though, can hurt you quickly as they are in packs. You have to watch out more for sentry guns than anything (makes you switch lense filters an awfully lot). One filter autotargets for humans, one for aliens, one shows terrain and weapons, and one shows the screen as is (which is the most rarely used one). Oh boy, pitch black. YAY! Your not as tough as in the first one, but being able to recharge your energy and health to full in 10 seconds max at will more than make up for that.

The Alien... the first three lifeform changes, each is dramatic... the facehugger you have to scurry around out of sight, but can pounce. The chestburster... you have to stay int he dark, can't pounce and eat rodents and shit, and the drone, you go around pouncing and biting everything. It doesn't notify you that you increase to the next phase after that one, but you sorta know by the types of enemies you take on. For those who've heard of the predalien mutant, well you don't get to play him. You only get to fight it as the marine, and he isn't fun (can leap a damned mile). The alien is probably played the fastest for more of it's levels than any other species. Your always pouncing on something, very little stalking, every marine as an unlimited powered lamp and is by a sentry gun if its dark, or your in well lit corridors, and have to kill them quick cause they can see you no matter what.

For all species it pays to keep run off, as running is only slighty faster yet much more noisey. Only run if your in such deep shit as one extra step for every five you take will save you (which is rare as fuck).

Plenty of wide open spaces in this game with far off scenery... too bad that its all fucking black and you only make out a hint of blue, grey, or green if that. Your filters have a very short range.

Great game, bad engine.

My recommendation, is if you have at least a 256 megs of ram, a GOOD graphics card, and a fast processor to kill those load times from hell, then get it. If not, and you want one of those games where you can fix a snack between levels, maybe eat it as well, then this is the game for you. The graphics are pretty, but the engine sucks resources up faster than a toothless whore. Lithtech must mean lowtech in some foriegn language. They should have used the q3arena engine. Too much ambition packed into to little technology.

Qweeg 04-12-2001 14:18:01

AvP is the only game ever to have freaked me out too. As the marine, it was the face huggers that scared me most, some levels i'd avoid playing (levels involving flamethrowers and pipes).

I used to have dreams (or nightmares where you watch impationately) full of those Gieger-monsters a whole year after the last time i played it.

That game actually aggravated arachnaphobia in me, i have horrible dreams about spiders alot more after having played that game, horrible hairless long-legged spiders ( i don't care what anyone saiz, the hairy ones are at least honourable, the hairless ones are just plain fucking evil, like disembodied bony hands, crawling towards your face....)

i will be getting AvP2.

No longer Trippin 04-12-2001 23:48:26

As the marine, it is scary, as the first mission shows you how powerful a fully equiped predator is (and then some), the second mission entroduces you to the joys of aliens in confined spaces. With the marine, everything is a serious threat, though drone aliens die remarkably fast, they just come in packs from all directions.

As the alien it is downright fun. Pouncing from wall to wall. That marine a 50 yards away is shooting at you. POUNCE not anymore. Ambushes by marines supported by sentries suck, so do synthetics, can't detect them nearly as easily. Flamethrowers aren't much of a threat, as you can tell which marine MIGHT have one (they are generally heavily armored), so you pounce on that one and eat the others. Save civilians to go back and eat later if your low on health. Sadistic? No. :)

As the predator, you go from hunting, to being hunted, to hunting again. Very fun experience. Your biggest threat sentry gun falling into a sentry gun crossfire. That sucks ass. So you have to change filters and be cautious, especially in semi open areas where several sentry guns can shoot you. Nothing sucks more than jumping down on somebody and hitting them, screaming your trophy yell as three sentry guns blast you to shit.

My 17" monitor just went out, so now I'm playing on a 15" I bought YEARS ago, when cards only came with 1 meg ram tops, turns out it can run in 32 bit at 1280x1024... and this is a monitor from early 486 days. Just small and the screen has that curvature from how they were made back then. Turns out the game isn't as dark (not nearly as I thought it was), my friend just likes his screen dim, and mine was REALLY burnt out before it finally blew. I don't see how I played the game before, as it was so dark that I could only see where my lamp was. Now I hardly ever NEED the lamp.

Nav 06-12-2001 22:06:48

No longer trippins AvP2 review is now live on counterglow!

Funkodrom 07-12-2001 09:43:09

I read that last night, sounds good but as I haven't got Wolfenstein yet I might have to wait and see... especially as I have some PS2 games to get in the near future.

Nav 07-12-2001 10:04:14

Ouch! The pressures of having a PC and a PS2!! :D

Funkodrom 07-12-2001 10:08:41

And I am getting Wolfenstein... not sure I can do another FPS.

C.G.B. Spender 07-12-2001 10:09:48

I won't buy FPS at full price. The price drops pretty fast for FPS.

Beta1 12-12-2001 10:34:08

Just got this last night and I'm still in two minds about this. The predator missions out in the forests are a real departure from the clostrophobia of the first game and they show off the engine well but I'm not quite convinced. It seems to be a little too easy esp with the energy sift device allowing you to heal at every quiet point.

The marine levels do recreat the tension of the first well. The first level where you see the predators targeting lasers tracking across the floor towards you is a masterpiece of design. Had me frantically reversing towards the door. The swaying scenery setting off the motion detector is also very neat.

havnt played as the alien yet.
More later

No longer Trippin 12-12-2001 21:14:32

This is the first game I've ever played that the tension increases with difficuly. On hard, setting, if an alien gets close to you, he will damage you severly when dying, possibly even killing you if you have to blast him with the shotgun. Keeps the tension REAL high. Seems on Easy, splash damage is almost not present, on Normal, splash damage can take its toll on you, and on Hard, splash damage from even ONE can kill you or weaken you drastically. I have to say, on Hard, I was shitting my pants at every turn, even though I knew when the enemies would pop up.

What pisses me off is that when you fight most aliens in latter levels, the game pauses as it reads the hard disk before it loads them. So once I get a pause or hear the tick of the hard disk during the game, I stop, check my levels and reload and wait for the ensueing death squad. That is just poor engine design. They should have it cached in the memory instead, so the pause would be gone, or at least unnoticable from the occassional engine hiccup. I find the q3 engine SOOOOOO much better graphically and in the way it places extra enemies during the game itself. It's unnoticable.

I think they should have made the individual alien tougher (about how tough it is when you play as it, the weakest one, the runner). As of now, after careful playing and aiming, 5-7 shots from the pulse rifle will kill it. So I generally think one cliip will kill 6-7 aliens (I assume about 50% of shots miss).

In my opinion they should have drastically strengthed the predator, taken out the energy requirment of the throwing disk and knocked up his energy about 50% more while taking away his energy sift device. They should have decreased the sheer amount of aliens while strengthing drastically those they left behind, and left the human as is, only giving him less ammunition.

As the game stands now, with various certain things, the best strategy is always to run backwards blasting anything that follows you.

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