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paiktis 13-09-2017 15:19:01

eat more zucchini

with oregano

grilled or boiled
not fried

paiktis 13-09-2017 15:20:30

I'm going there

paiktis 13-09-2017 15:25:46

Oh yeah

some people at work are jealous


paiktis 13-09-2017 15:39:50


Originally Posted by paiktis (Post 1076886)
with oregano

and vinegar

paiktis 13-09-2017 17:38:44

I'm eating dark chocolate and drinking flavoured grape wine

greece lost to russia and russia deserved to be at the top 4 paneuoprean. I wish her the best

tomorrow there's a strike but here's the thing, when there's a strike there are a BAZILLION other services that are running.


I kind a wanna go to marakesh also

paiktis 13-09-2017 17:41:34

Now I have to make my suitcase but I'm bored

merci c'est tres gentie mais je ne mange pas de porc :D

Oerdin 13-09-2017 17:44:12

It goes well in soups too. I am also partial to zucchini bread.

paiktis 13-09-2017 17:55:17

I didn't know there was zucchini bread.


tomorrow I'll be eating croissants and drinking beer basically

and go to a meeting
fully prepared

Paris has something

paiktis 13-09-2017 17:56:34

vienna is "cursed"
whenever it is to go something "more important" (TM) comes up

paiktis 22-09-2017 15:24:54

well paris is a brothel like athens.

really liked it

lots of chinese people, half of paris is chinese

I becamse friends with some chinese who had a restaurant and kept eating there.

everything went well

but I think I'm suffering from a terrorist fear fatigue

paiktis 22-09-2017 15:43:31

I was in the montmarte steps and there were young people sitting smoking drinking, I was like wasssssssssssup merged in the crowds and I thought now some crazy could just wipe us all out.

in the sacred heart church I saw an angel statue that made an impression. even though catholic churchs seem cold and de-devined/humanizing I prayed for a person of mine that was in dire straits back home and I was there and couldn't do shit.
It's a very ugly feeling that I never want to live again

thankfully the prayers were heard. it appears there is co-communication

paiktis 22-09-2017 15:53:45

back in greece in the hospital I went straight from the airport.

the docs there handled the ilness of the person dear to me with professionalism and humanity.

I thanked them. The one who taken on himself the majority of the treatement and entretien with us was a doc in training (under supervision)

I made him a gift after all went well in front of all his collegeus and told him you are a doctor with a capital D (Or Γ)

He deserved it

proud of all of them

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