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*End Is Forever* 16-12-2003 13:34:36

Garage Rock Ruckus!
Overrated cretin Jack White and Von Bondies frontman Jason Stollsteimer came to blows over the weekend in Detroit, according to reports. White has claimed he acted in self-defence, but a spokesman for Stollsteimer suggested it "was not a fight" but an "attack".

Full Story (BBC News Online)

Debaser 16-12-2003 13:39:14

I've met Jason Stollsteimer. He seemed like a nice guy. I've kind of met Jack White too (on the same night). He seemed a bit precious and paranoid. Probably 'cos there were loads of drunken twats (like me) trying to hassle him.

Gramercy Riffs 16-12-2003 13:40:53

I've heard bad things about Jack White, dunno if they are true or not, but he sounds a little bit evil.

Funkodrom 16-12-2003 13:41:29

Oooh... like what?

Gramercy Riffs 16-12-2003 13:44:42

Well maybe evil was a bit strong.

Basically he was in some night club in London after a gig and got in a fight with someone on the dancefloor. Witnesses said he was really giving this a guy a proper going over and was quite vicious, kicking him the head etc. Like I say, might well be bollocks and even if it is true it does'nt detract from his music.

*End Is Forever* 16-12-2003 13:46:12

Why is it that the only music news items anyone responds to are the ones about Jack White?

Debaser 16-12-2003 13:46:53

'Cos no-one's heard of ThisGirl?

*End Is Forever* 16-12-2003 13:47:57

Own goal. That wasn't a news item.

Funkodrom 16-12-2003 13:50:43

How come 2/3 of the news items you post are about him?

*End Is Forever* 16-12-2003 13:53:47

...because it's the only thing you bastards will respond to? :lol:

Besides, slagging him off is fun...

King_Ghidra@home 16-12-2003 18:39:14

if jack white persists in rocking that bum fluff moustache, then music or no i will be forced to kill him myself

as for renee zellweger actually fucking him while he looked like that, well any respect i had for her is long gone

BigGameHunter 16-12-2003 18:43:52

Oh my embarassing to get your ass kicked by that pussy!
Rock stars r fagzzzzzzzzzzzz......

Debaser 16-12-2003 18:44:35

Someone on described Renee Zelleweger as looking like "a retarded hampster staring at the sun". :lol:

Lazarus and the Gimp 16-12-2003 19:40:17

Jack White's a skinny pup. I'm surprised he hasn't been soundly battered yet.

King_Ghidra@home 16-12-2003 19:50:06


Originally posted by Debaser
Someone on described Renee Zelleweger as looking like "a retarded hampster staring at the sun". :lol:
you can explain what a 'hampster' is anytime you like

Debaser 16-12-2003 20:02:59

It's a small furry basket often used for transporting food and cutlery when eating 'al fresco'.

BigGameHunter 16-12-2003 20:53:11

I like Zelwigger...she's got that naughty/crazy thing going.

Lazarus and the Gimp 16-12-2003 22:44:59

She looks a bit retarded. They got that part right.

Then again, Meg White looks like a borderline case of Downs syndrome.

Gramercy Riffs 17-12-2003 13:30:13

Regardless of what happened, this guy's face is pretty f*cked up.

Funkodrom 17-12-2003 13:35:34

Shit, that's a proper kicking.

King_Ghidra 17-12-2003 13:57:30

it's all fun and games until someone gets whacked the fuck out of their face

BigGameHunter 17-12-2003 16:31:39

Hmmmm...I was just kidding, Jack!

Believe it or not, I once got a beating that was 10 times worse than that one.

Lazarus and the Gimp 17-12-2003 17:56:32

That's not too bad. If his nose was broken I'd expect the other eye to be more swollen.

King_Ghidra 18-12-2003 10:40:09


Originally posted by BigGameHunter
Believe it or not, I once got a beating that was 10 times worse than that one.
from the pictures of you i've seen, it's all too easy to believe

BigGameHunter 18-12-2003 16:34:14

Yes...I was practically a supermodel before that unfortunate incident.
In fact, a la "Unforgiven", I'm hoping a strapping lad like yourself will accept my humble payment in return for vengeance upon the brutal cowboys that have sullied both my face and my reputation.

Lazarus and the Gimp 18-12-2003 20:59:38

Incidentally, if anyone owns the latest NME, check out the big photo of Jack White on page 3.

I swear he's turning into the Child-catcher from "Chitty chitty bang bang". It's really disturbing.

Gramercy Riffs 19-12-2003 10:48:12

I've just seen him playing at the MTV Awards in Edinburgh from a few weeks ago.

He was wearing a one black leg/one red leg pair of trousers. Part of me admires him for that.

Gramercy Riffs 19-12-2003 10:48:59

And he did look like the Child Catcher.

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