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paiktis22 27-05-2004 16:10:26

Gains were recorded in the Athens Stock Exchange today. The general index rose to +1.31% at 2382.96 points, while the volume of transactions was at 166.5 million euros.

Of the stocks trading today, 174 had gains and 123 had losses, while the value of 88 stocks remained unchanged.

Maybe it needs to have its acronyms changed.

paiktis22 27-05-2004 16:13:58

let's hope bbc doesn't get involved.

"bbc probes ase" would leave little to the imagination

Provost Harrison 27-05-2004 16:20:14

Gains in the arse? :lol:

Dyl Ulenspiegel 27-05-2004 16:24:00

"Athens Rear Stock Exchange"

paiktis22 27-05-2004 16:42:16


Originally posted by Provost Harrison
Gains in the arse? :lol:
and in capital letters no less (for extra punch apparently)

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