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02-01-2003, 10:01:26
as voted by Gamespot PC

Best Single-Player Strategy Game on PC

Medieval: Total War

Publisher: Activision
Developer: Creative Assembly

This was another solid year for single-player strategy games, the best of which featured strong innovations on the genre's conventions or even broke from conventions entirely. Medieval: Total War stands out in the crowd by building on the dual nature--half grand strategy, half tactical combat--that made Shogun: Total War, the 2000 recipient of our PC Strategy Game of the Year award, so unique. Both halves are solid and could stand on their own, but together they make for a truly special single-player experience.
When most people think of the Middle Ages, they have specific images in mind of knights and castles and of battling it out somewhere in Western Europe or maybe on a desert plain during the Crusades. Medieval encompasses all this and more. The campaign map stretches from the steppes of Russia to Egypt and from Gibraltar to Norway, making not only European nations but also the wealthy Mediterranean territories suitable targets for alliances and conquest. As much as the game is about building wartime infrastructure and vast armies numbering in the tens of thousands, it's also about diplomacy, spying, and maintaining internal order. Like Shogun, the game distills strategy into elegant mechanics as simple as moving virtual game pieces on a parchment map.

Those with more of an affinity for quick real-time strategy games can appreciate Medieval's tactical combat. While it doesn't make for the prettiest or most visceral battles, the tactical mode does have the depth of fully 3D combat, and it still manages to have huge armies face off on the battlefield. To fit the period, the combat can include castles, siege weapons, and early firearms for added variety. There are plenty of nuances to learn and there's a lot of replay value, as the tactical mode can also be played on its own in set-piece skirmishes against the game's capable AI. There's plenty in Medieval to please anyone who likes to dig deep into strategy games, which is why we selected it as our choice for Best PC Single-Player Strategy Game of the Year.

02-01-2003, 20:48:07
there's a lot of replay value

Could this be interpreted as "the learning curve is so steep that you'll give up before you get good enough to actually enjoy the experience"?

:) just stirring the pot

maybe that's my problem, I should be smoking it instead.

03-01-2003, 08:24:53
all of us should
anyway, after 4 months of almost exclusive MTW gaming, I've put the game away. 4 months is pretty good for life expectancy, although when the first Civ came out, I played a year non stop. And of course I'm about to celebrate my 10 years of playing CM...