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Resource Consumer
10-01-2002, 13:41:11

Vincent Fandango
10-01-2002, 13:45:02

10-01-2002, 13:48:29
I'm thinking of printing copies of my thesis and calling it Sid Meier's PhD Thesis, a Brian Reynolds production, then selling them on Ebay. I'll have to spruce of the graphics, though.

Resource Consumer
10-01-2002, 13:56:01
You will need to add some bugs as well.

Vincent Fandango
10-01-2002, 13:56:30
My uncle's name is Adolf Meyer ... Maybe he can change his first name (I guess he wouldn't have to argue to change it) into Sid

10-01-2002, 14:42:37
I'll wait for Sid Meier's SimBanana.

Resource Consumer
10-01-2002, 14:51:06
Originally posted by Vincent Fandango
My uncle's name is Adolf Meyer ... Maybe he can change his first name (I guess he wouldn't have to argue to change it) into Sid

Perhaps Sid could change his to Adolf?

10-01-2002, 15:10:43
Originally posted by Resource Consumer
You will need to add some bugs as well.

We've got HUGE roaches here in the basement, I could include a bunch of those.

10-01-2002, 15:37:44

10-01-2002, 16:16:24
Gay is the only option!

11-01-2002, 05:40:26
I already preordered, then prereturned. When it hits the shelves, I won't have to do anything.:bounce:

Vincent Fandango
19-01-2002, 10:26:06
I'm just downloading the demo.
Hehehehe ....

Vincent Fandango
20-01-2002, 10:26:34
I played 2 games and it's quite boring. It has a "The Sims" inteface and a "Sims" feel, but it lacks of the interaction between the Sims. Playing the Sims you could create weirdos, nice grandparents, gay twats, your familymembers wtc. Here you got a set of generic Golfers, just the kind of upper class twats you would expect in a golf simulation.
For a while it's fun to watch the golfers, but in fact you just see them playing golf and chatting. Nothing special happened during my games (Nobody got a heart attack or hit by a ball, nobody got lost, nobody fell into the lake).
The graphics are excellent. Well, actually it would be excellent if this was 1995. For a game with a focus on designing courses it's just terrible, it's like SimCity 2000. Looks like bad shareware. The game lacks definatly a 3D view, I know some C64 golf course designing games that were better than this. Trees don't grow slowly, they suddenly go "pop" and expand to the triple size. Monuments fall from the sky, when you buy them.
You can "play" golf on the course, but it's very simple and not worth trying it.
The worse thing is, that I left the computer for 15 minutes and the game just went on and I made a lot of money. So I don't thing the game really needs me, and I don't really don't need it. Click, click: Uninstall.

Vincent Fandango
21-01-2002, 19:44:51
"In a way this game represents for me a return to an earlier style of gaming," says Meier. "A time when fun and the joy of playing were the most important part of a game, and there was less emphasis on high concept, computer-busting graphics and presentation over gameplay."