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24-12-2002, 15:39:09
It's from an independent bank in greece

give it a grade

keep in mind that their music is "indie", but not something that can be compared to something english/american that i already know at least.

dont be nice! honest grade.

just wanted to know what you think.

Provost Harrison
24-12-2002, 15:41:08
What?! Independent bank?! I don't see an image?! Stop eating those mushrooms!

24-12-2002, 15:41:45
crap. too big. working on it

24-12-2002, 15:44:44
here it is (hopefully)
band, BAND! :)

24-12-2002, 15:47:47
minimalistic? hot summer day with the ventilator? keep working on the paint program of windows?

just crap?

what do you think?

(just have nothing better to do actually :D but it is from a band whose songs I like so just wanted to know what you think of their "clipart" :D )

24-12-2002, 15:58:18
Risking sounding like Scabby and utter humiliation, I'd say it envokes sensations of drawning/suffocation and it culmulates in the explosion of relief pararel to the thrashing out of the sea after a long dive and being almost breathless and then taking a long deep breath (symbolized by the fan).

In my mind it depicts the state of utter crapness of contemporary "popular" greek music and then listening to this band is like taking a breath of much needed fresh air.
(of course it's presumptious of their part).

What does it do to you?

24-12-2002, 16:06:32
nothing, she isn't showing her tits :D

Lazarus and the Gimp
24-12-2002, 16:45:53
I think she's just attending to her sweaty baps.

Provost Harrison
24-12-2002, 18:04:48
Well what can you say, it's a girl sitting in front of a fan?!

Scabrous Birdseed
24-12-2002, 23:31:08
I say it veers just too close in flatness to a childrens-book illustration or whatever, even though it could have been a decent naivistic piece. No personal style, indifferent composition, needs more simplification and reduction. Good use of colour, though. C

25-12-2002, 15:14:58
I don't even rate the choice of colours. Shitty composition, unimagineative style, boring subject choice. Frankly, any comment is more than it deserves.

26-12-2002, 11:51:46
She looks like she's trying to give head to a fan. Is it a pun?

Provost Harrison
26-12-2002, 13:25:31
Who's next to this thread, Sister frigging Wendy?

I could 'degrade' this image if you'd like though paiktis ;)

03-01-2003, 12:46:39
Tank you for your conmtributions :D

03-01-2003, 12:49:17
I think her underpants of natural red fur need ventilating too, and I might be interested in seeing the follow up image

The Shaker
03-01-2003, 15:27:37
Isn't it taken from a Tampax advert?