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24-12-2002, 13:17:33
A new update has been posted to this exceptional space sim.

Changes are as follows (from the official site):

"If you thought Orbiter was hard - it has just become a bit harder! The new version takes realism to a new level with a completely reworked thruster implementation which gives developers complete freedom to design their spacecraft, including thrust vectoring and multiple fuel resources.

Orbiter now supports vessel-vessel docking which opens a whole new range of possibilities: assemble your own orbital space station, drag the ISS into a different orbit or practice docking manoevres with a target vessel.

The Shuttle-A class has been improved beyond recognition, with a new model by Frying Tiger, and instrument panels. The ship's auxiliary thruster pods, which can be rotated for hover or retro thrust, show the capabilities of Orbiter's new thruster design interface.

There is a new spacecraft: the Dragonfly-class orbital tug. It is designed for moving payload in orbit (but don't try an atmospheric re-entry!) Mesh enhancements and textures courtesy of Roger Long (Frying Tiger). The Dragonfly also features a detailed electrical and environmental systems simulation controlled by a set of instrument panels, designed by Radu Poenaru.

Space Shuttle Atlantis now includes Robert Conley's satellite, RMS and MMU enhancements. MIR has been replaced with Jason Benson's improved version, and the KSC has the beautiful Vehicle Assembly Building by Valerio Oss.

An improved surface contact model means that the Delta-glider can now perform runway-takeoffs. The runway at the KSC comes with lighting and visual approach aids. Wheel brakes are also implemented.

Custom exhaust flames and reentry flames are now supported.

This version introduces the concept of NAV radio transmitters/receivers which are used to obtain landing and docking information. A new MFD mode (communications, Shift-C) has been added.

Plus a whole range of other bug fixes and improvements, including a re-designed Surface MFD. "


24-12-2002, 17:30:52
cool, I plan to use a spare computer to do a real time trip to mars. :D

24-12-2002, 18:30:33
Let's hope you're better at converting units than JPL was. ;)