View Full Version : R.I.P. Joe Strummer

*End Is Forever*
23-12-2002, 23:37:30
Joe Strummer, the leader of legendary Seventies punk band The Clash, has died of a suspected heart attack aged 50.
A spokesman for Strummer, real name John Graham Mellor, said the singer died at home in Broomfield, Somerset, on Sunday.

A post mortem examination is to be performed to confirm the cause of death.


Rest in peace Joe. Dodgy politics, but a musical legend. :(

Provost Harrison
23-12-2002, 23:47:18
I know, I didn't think he was that old, but it is very young to die like that :( It is a crying shame...

...and a Tory supporter calling someone else's politics dodgy? :hmm:

23-12-2002, 23:51:42
He was 50 that's young.

*End Is Forever*
23-12-2002, 23:53:33
I know. It's scary. Very young...

Provost Harrison
24-12-2002, 00:11:50
I know, very scary...because I am half way to that age :nervous:

...and both my parents are older than that :eek: