View Full Version : College faculty members!

Scabrous Birdseed
20-12-2002, 14:10:04
Provost, Bursar, I'm now sending out the reviews of Maxwell Murder to both of you, could you please do the comments together, each person contributing one word at a time? Or whatever. Use PMs or ICQ, but do it reasonably quickly.

The Bursar
20-12-2002, 15:06:37
ICQ this evening PH?

Provost Harrison
20-12-2002, 17:51:23
Yeah, I should be online...

The Bursar
21-12-2002, 10:55:02
Just realised I'm out last night. er... And what with me being the mad party-animal teenager that I am, I'm out tonight as well.

Provost Harrison
23-12-2002, 19:35:26
Well I was away all weekend and have only just got online tonight apart from a few brief occasions where I got the chance. So what? I can't help being so popular :D