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16-12-2002, 16:41:09

After playing the third mission for 6 hours having died about 100 times I was utterly fed up with this game. Second game I've taken back to Game shop in a week!

I consider myself a pretty good gamer so if I was having this much trouble with the game then a lot of casual gamers may find it even harder. Unless of course I was missing some way to replenish your health mid-way through a mission as you can't pick up health tabs like GTA.

Maybe I was expecting this game to be more like GTA when it is actually more focussed on gun fights inside buildings than the actual driving element. So in effect I feel they have tried to spread the gameplay between driving and shoot-outs inside buildings when really they should have focussed on one or the other. There are a lot better driving games and better shooting games.

The driving is mundane after a few missions. There are no jumps and much less ability to explore the city. Less alleyways to drive down than GTA, no jumping off of multi-storey car parks or ramps. The crashes are less satisfying than GTA in that you'll not end up rolling ten times or clipping another car at break-neck speeds and sumasaulting down the street. You can't do a rear-view from your car unless you're reversing.

There is no map to show you where to go. The only navigation aid is indicators on your car which basically tell you if the objective is to the left or right - not a case of take the next left or right as doing this could end up taking you further from your objective if the road double's back on itself. And a lack of map means you have no idea how far from your objective you are which although not necessary, it would be nice to know. I have also often ended up driving past the objective several times before actually figuring where I'm meant to stop the car as the only clue is when your indicators both flash simultaneously, but if you are being chased you may not notice this as they flash for half a second as you shoot past.

But you can drive a red London bus, even if you can only see about a third of the road because the view switches to a position about 4 meters behind the drivers cabin.

Once you get to an objective you have to enter a building and shoot a load of bad guys to complete a mission (generalising). The camera mode is as annoying as you have with GTA when you get down a narrow passage. You end up running and not seeing what is in the direction the player is facing and you'll often end up running in circles trying to get the desired camera angle.

Shooting bad guys is a dodgy process. Like GTA you can press a button to target the next enemy. Trouble is that sometimes there'll be a bad guy next to you and the target button does nothing. So just picture having played a mission for 4 hours and getting near the end when you fail the mission because you can't target an enemy standing two feet away.

There are some nice features. Being able to stand with your back to a wall and slide along the wall. When you reach a corner you can press a button to lean out and shoot and releasing the button makes you duck back behind the wall. Although the enemy seems to react so quick that it practically renders this technique useless. You can also just point the gun around the wall without exposing your body, but often you'll find a situation when you'd think this would work but the player ends up shooting the side of the wall about a meter further down!

Another seeming plus is that you can take a hostage and use them as a shield. When you're done with them you can shoot them in the head or if you aren't wielding a gun you can break their neck - lovely! :) Trouble is, using a hostage is hit and miss. They may get shot and killed straight off by an enemy, leaving you standing out in the open, or they may take several shots. Ok this is realistic but it means you can't rely on this method, and if you can't rely on it you end up not wanting to use it. You may use a hostage 10 times and it works well maybe once.

I suspect there are many people who will like the ...errr... challenging aspect of this game but for me I had reached the point of wanting to complete a mission merely out of frustration rather than enjoyment and when a game comes to this it is simply not worth the 40.

But don't let me put you off.

16-12-2002, 17:00:33

Definitely looking at getting Vice City then, or GTA 3 when it comes out on budget.

16-12-2002, 17:01:44
I played the demo at the weekend. It very similar to Mafia in it's driving / shooting emphasis (ie much less arcady than GTA). It's a PC game on a PS2, I don't plan on getting it.

16-12-2002, 18:13:31
should tart this post up and make it a review

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Ho ho!

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A one page review is fine. That's what it amounts to...
Post it. Celebrate. Have fun.

Oh... thanks for the review, Bolty. ;)