View Full Version : Free MP3 of the week - no idea what number

16-12-2002, 12:09:22
Some of you saw Joski (http://www.joski.co.uk) last week but I\'ve been meaning to put one of their mp3s up as free mp3 of the week for a while. This is the low bandwidth version of my favourite song from the three they have available from their site (http://www.joski.co.uk). It\'s called Direction Finding (http://www.webpuppy.co.uk/joski/directionfinding.mp3)

16-12-2002, 18:39:26
Good tune, although the vocals at the begining remind me of Sting.

27-12-2002, 15:50:20
Anyone Hardman'd there message board yet? :D

*End Is Forever*
28-12-2002, 03:02:50
Their message board, even.

30-12-2002, 09:59:03
Yeah Yeah I know, I'm crap and I was in a rush.