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06-12-2002, 13:24:48
here is an article in the Guardian, a paper I normally love, on the upcoming Two Towers.


here is my letter to the guy

dear sir,
I suspect you'll get a lot of reactions for your last article, and some will be probably quite abusive, so I'll put forward my views in the most polite way. However, I was shocked by your lack of knowledge of the material you reviewed.

First, your assumption that all art creation (esp. pure fiction) should be examined through today's PC's angle is suspect at best. I'm sure you noticed that by these standards, God himself is quite a dreadful character (killing innocent first born Egyptians to make his point). As an atheist, I don't mind, by the way, but the glasses you are using are fairly irrelevant. By the way, how come Dante or Da Vinci do not have more likeable black characters into their work? Bunch of fascists, I say...

Secondly, your reading of the specifics of LoTR is quite patchy. The supremacist Aryan views you refer to are somehow strange when considering the heroes are dark hair midgets. Rohan riders are northern type, and indeed Tolkien was an expert linguist/historian in this mythology, which explains their presence. Apart from that, some dark hair are bad and some are good (Aragorn). Big deal. Orcs have dreadlocks? didn't particularly notice but Saruman has nice (white) long hair, so you probably take that as a direct attack on Cher, since the two hair styles are fairly close.

Thirdly, your reading of the overall novel is even worse. There are a lot of symbolic aspects of the novel who escape careless readers as yourself, but crypto racism is not one of them. I you can read French, I recommend Ms. Irene Fernandes book (Le sens caché du Seigneur des Anneaux, PUF editions). Quickly, these underlying themes are linked to Tolkien's fervent Catholicism and are : how people choose good or evil out of free choice (and the fine line between it, ie Gollum), the relationship with death (esp human/elves), etc.

Finally, accept my apologies for sounding condescending, but truly you article is appalling. Already today some morons are objecting to the title of the third opus 'the return of the king' pointing that it's the referring to the Lord and is therefore blasphemous. Bollocks to them, and, with my apologies, bollocks to you.

06-12-2002, 13:36:06
Your concluding line is awesome!

You should have perhaps, in your tirade against the protests against book 3 have mentioned also the imbeciles who protested that the 2nd films title "The Two Towers" was disrespectful to the mourners of the World Trade Center disaster. Muppets.

06-12-2002, 13:49:05
Having now read the article, that's got to be one of the worst pieces of journalism I've ever read in The Guardian they should be ashamed to have published that. What a load of utter tosh! Completely unresearched and extremely poorly written.

I might have to vent my spleen to the author myself!

06-12-2002, 13:51:19
go ahead, please...