View Full Version : Free Game of the Week - Laxius Power

05-12-2002, 11:37:26
This game is the first credible attempt I\'ve seen at recreating the fun of a SNESsy Square-style RPG on the PC. Yes, it\'s a freeware game with low production values, variably stolen and/or awful graphics and sounds, so-so writing and a borrowed engine. It\'s also simplistic, with a very easy (too easy?) Final Fantasy-style combat engine and reasonably simple creature-type-to-spell matching.

However, give the guy some credit: This is a massive, sprawling demi-linear game which will take you 50+ hours to complete, with decent maps, decently balanced gameplay, over 250 different types of monster and loadsa side quests. It\'s very absorbing, not up there with the best but certainly as close as you\'re gonna get with freeware.

If you\'re longing for current Chrono Triggerish games, this is a treat. Recommended.