View Full Version : Who is "still missing At The Drive-In"?

*End Is Forever*
07-01-2002, 16:24:02
...because I'm certainly not. :D

07-01-2002, 16:37:09
Me. One of the most exciting bands of the last few years, something original, intense, passionate, distinctive. Splitting up the band just as they were about to become international superstars was one of the most punk acts in years. I'm sure in a couple of years time there'll be loads of new bands sprouting up and quoting them as influences.

In/CASINO/OUT is one of the best albums I've ever heard.

Also didn't you say that you thought Alpha Centauri on that CD I made you was actually pretty good or was that Stew?

*End Is Forever*
07-01-2002, 18:24:29
I said it was better than the other stuff I'd heard by them... :D

Except for Invalid Litter Dept., that was a cool song too.

07-01-2002, 18:40:46
ie. You liked it better than One Armed Scissor. :rolleyes: ;)

*End Is Forever*
07-01-2002, 19:10:22
No... I'm not quite that bad. One-Armed Scissor was a horrible song though. It had some promise but it was butchered... white noise!

07-01-2002, 22:21:33
You'd hate them when they really deconstruct the songs live then. :D

You just hear it differently to me. I hear lots of things layered that I don't expect to work together working really well.

Provost Harrison
20-01-2002, 20:19:24
I never really got ATD-I either, I really couldn't get into them at all. Just one of those things.

21-01-2002, 09:30:07
Some people have trouble with the singer's voice. It's a bit unusual. It's not the kind of music that everyone's going to like but I think it's brilliant.

Provost Harrison
21-01-2002, 13:01:46
Yep, I understand that entirely. The number of times I have tried to get people to listen to my stuff and they can't stand it...

21-01-2002, 13:03:00
As a wise person once said to me "I don't hear it the same way you do."

Provost Harrison
21-01-2002, 13:20:34
Damn that is right. People here different beauty in different things.

21-01-2002, 13:39:17
It's true with most things except UK Garage, that is just shit.

*End Is Forever*
21-01-2002, 14:28:57
:lol: true...