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Resource Consumer
04-12-2002, 13:37:01
This (http://www.sigames.com/downloads_view.php?id=295) is a demo for CM4. It\'s been out a while but I have been slacking. No interaction but you can see how the controversial in match display will look.

04-12-2002, 14:05:56
it will probably make tactical decisions easier, as the passing style impact for example will be clearly visible (or wing play : I use a formation favouring wing play at the moment but don't know wether it's useful or not)

In the end, it will make the thing even more frustrating to watch though, and therefore more addictive

04-12-2002, 15:53:47
I predit that CM5 will have top down graphics in the style of Kick Off..

04-12-2002, 21:24:33
Do you people never read my threads?!