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30-11-2002, 20:01:20
Well, I played this cool game, it's a FPS, no, not really, more of a mixture of RTS and TBS with RPG and a lot of action elements like cars, planes and sports but with focus on adventure. Forgot its name.

The graphics are kinda cool but suck on my PC. If you set it to the minimum it's pretty good playable but the graphics suck. I guess if you got a fast PC with an expensive graphics board, it may be OK, as long as you got the actual drivers.

I'm through the first missions, they are too easy on novice level but on ultimate they are to hard for me. The sound is OK, the music is fantastic but after a while it becomes repitative, so I turned it off.

The bad thing is that it crashes a lot on my computer, but the patch fixed some probles, though it ruined the game balance. The server was busy so it took me 12 hours to download the patch, I had to restart it 3 times. Too bad I only got the US version.

The missions are kinda static, but later in the kime it's like being in a movie. Cool cutscenes, but I turned them off. Some missions are really hard, but I had a cheat code.

MP is often a bit lagged, I guess they have still problems with the server. Had some problems with player killers and there is a cheating script, also all my stored data was lost when I installed the patch. So I usually play SP, well, actually it sucks a little, but anyway. I heard there will be a mission disk, that fixes all bugs and adds some maps for MP and a new campaign for SP. There are also some mods, but most of them suck.

It's the best game ever and I'm going to play it forever, at least for a week. Oh, and I lost the key code already.

Damned, what was the name, I can't remember. Something with E or G or L

30-11-2002, 20:06:25
here is a screenshot:


The Shaker
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Is this the new template for all new game reviews? :D

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"New" template?!?

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It's all compiled into on piece. Not the 2 to 8 parter currently in vogue.

Well it is 2 parter, if you count the screen shots. Still, smaller then most current templates in use in this forum.

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Vincent, you stole my review!!!

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Aha! Daikatana II! I knew it!