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Totally Wired
26-11-2002, 10:30:21
OK, that other AoM thread was getting a bit unweildy. I had another game against the AI last night. Playing as Hades, set on easy and set the AI to rusher. Guess what, no rush again. I will have to think about moving up to moderate now I have the ideas down a little.

Now, my timings were as follows (I forget what the names of these ages are:

Stage 1 - 6 minutes (AI was 5 mins)
Stage 2 - 11 minutes (AI was 10)
Stage 3 - 19 minutes (AI finally made it about 30:D)

How do these compare with others' experience. I know mine are likely to be worse but are they just a bit slow or do I completely suck?

26-11-2002, 12:07:18
I am crap at getting to Classic before 6 minutes. My Heroic is usually around about 11 minutes as well (always forget to build the armory immediately). However, by that time I've usually got a good enough economy going to get to Mythic by around 13-14 minutes.

Is this a buildup with or without a huge military component during Classic and Heroic. Because your Mythic time is definitely a little slow if you are just rushing for Mythic, but if you have 50 toxotes as well before you get there, it's damn good:).

The pure times themselves don't mean much, really. It's kinda like saying you weigh 100kgs - okay, either way we know you won't win the marathon, but it's impossible to tell just from that number whether you are Lord Lardass Slug or Mr Universe.

Totally Wired
26-11-2002, 12:12:36
This would be with very little military. Almost none. Based on the idea that you hit the Hades stone statues god power straight away as an anti-rush insurance.

Looks like I need a bit more work on the times. I assume your classic and heroic times contain said military component?;)

26-11-2002, 12:29:28
Nope, almost no military at all for my classic and heroic times there. If I start doing that, I'm not sure what the times start to get to - perhaps around about 15 and 20 minutes, at least.

Also, don't get in the habit of casting the Hades statues in the first minute of the game. Since you can use them on any town center, it's best to wait until one of them is attacked before deploying. You can even use them on your allies town centers as well to help them out.

Totally Wired
26-11-2002, 12:33:17
Hmm, so I'll have to look carefully at how I lose so much time going to mythic. What sort of military would you have before you clicked on your TC to initiate mythic?

I think that's good advice about Hades, especially playing the AI as it seems incapable of attacking (at least on Easy). Tonight I think I'll try the AI on moderate/rusher and see if it actually does something.

26-11-2002, 15:35:06
It's totally dependent on firstly what kind of game you want to play, and secondly what you can get away with.

First up, you absolutely definitely want something of some sort of scouting. Look for stuff that is fast, has a good visual range, and is vaguely resistant to piercing attacks. Scout with that, and you'll get a very good idea of what your enemy is doing, which allows you to determine both parts of the first paragraph.

Then it's all up to you, at least as far as what your opponent will let you do. If you want to boom your economy, and aren't about to be crushed, go for it. Otherwise, win the game.

26-11-2002, 15:37:59
I guess in answer to the military question I would say: "A better one than my opponent."

One of the key features of the Age games are the Age dependent army upgrades. Generally speaking, troops that are an Age more advanced than yours will crush you. But advancing an Age costs lots of resources, so you will have more. Then it gets really complicated. Your best bet is to try to have as many as your opponent and either an Age advance on them, more upgrades, or a better disposition of forces.

26-11-2002, 16:03:18
I tried this on easy as Isis, on the River Nile map (not the best choice, as there wasn’t a whole lot of food. Note that for Isis, the Armory and the Marketplace are free, so that speeds advancement.
Classical: 3:58
Heroic: 8:13
Mythic: 12:15

This isn’t particularly good, because I was just trying for the fastest times but didn’t know how to do it. As such, I had 20-odd villagers, no military, and just the minimum buildings needed (one lumber camp, one mining camp, two granaries, a house, and the buildings required for advancement). I also used my herd animals before they’d fattened fully.

A better example might be a game I’ve started (but not finished) on moderate, map Jotunheim. It’s me and an aggressive rushing random AI against another rusher and a big boomer. I still didn’t have much of a military when I hit Heroic, but Heroic is (for me) the time to really get moving, building TCs, churning out units and upgrades, etc. Times are the following.
Classical: 5:51
Heroic: 11:00
Mythic: 18:07

I’m not too pleased with the Heroic one, but I was distracted by sketching out a forward base at the mountain pass. I always dither when choosing between Thoth and Osiris, yet I’ve only chosen Thoth once, because with Osiris you can get two Pharoahs. Thoth does have the rather nifty Meteor power, as well as phoenixes (I hate mummies).

I always use my priest to scout, not because he’s fast or tough, but because he’s free and can build obelisks cheaply. Then again, I play on Revealed.

Also, it’s not just the Age upgrades, it’s the units. You get new MUs with every age, and the fortress/stronghold units only become available in Heroic.

26-11-2002, 16:59:08
Don't play on revealed. I've never seen any multiplayer game previously played with that setting.

Otherwise I think you're probably the best player here.

26-11-2002, 17:17:20
I always play on revealed, because scouting is so tedious.

If you rush me, I’m in trouble. Still. I can’t get my head round building an army so soon.

26-11-2002, 17:41:32
You will. I think everyone goes through the same process. Eventually you click and it's like "What? I don't need to max out my pop cap before I start fighting? Woah..."