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25-11-2002, 11:00:00
This was sent to me by Scabrous Birdseed, and it\'s quite cool so I used it. Here\'s what he has to say about it:

I was randomly searching the net earlier this afternoon when I stumbled accross the currently most popular genre in my former homeland of Tanzania, a hip-hop variant called \"Bongo Flava\". Now, frankly most of what I\'ve found is pretty crap, very bad mid-nineties- style jazzy rap in Swahili basically, but one song that was available as a free MP3 download was actually reasonably decent.

Direct Link (~5 Mb): http://www.mzibo.net/muziki/files/C..._SinaMakosa.mp3

Link to page: http://www.mzibo.net/muziki/albums/cooljames.html (It\'s the topmost link)

Very nice summery vibe, not at all how I like my Hip Hop really, much more laid back, but really cool. Also strikes a reasonable balance between the African and the American, without losing out to either. The chorus is a bit too cliche, but I love the solo and the verses are nice, with good, subtle production.

So there you go. Thanks Scabby! Anyone else with suggestions please PM them to me.

Scabrous Birdseed
25-11-2002, 11:05:29

25-11-2002, 11:07:29
Yeah. I quite liked it. Shame it cuts out like that though.

Scabrous Birdseed
25-11-2002, 11:35:39
True. Maybe we should write to them and ask them to retranscribe it, it's obviously from Casette Tape.

25-11-2002, 11:38:48
Feel free. :D

Scabrous Birdseed
26-11-2002, 21:50:20
Look, people, I know it's a bit crap-sounding, but honestly that PM was never meant as a potential news item just to sell it to Funkodrom.

27-11-2002, 09:23:41
People never download the free mp3 of the week. It's a rule.

It's a song that Scabby and I both like it must have something going for it. Or be the worst song ever. Either way worth listening to. :hmm:

Scabrous Birdseed
08-04-2003, 14:06:47
By what must count as one of life's bizzare coincidences, I now own a copy of "Sina Makosa" on CD. I stumbled accross it while randomly browsing a record store earlier today, the entire album was just 60 kr (4), bargain! Er, apparently it was brought out by a swedish record company as "Modern World Music" which is a bit of a misnomer really.

Oh, and the cutoff was practically fortuitous. The rest of the song is shit.