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Totally Wired
24-11-2002, 20:55:12
I still like that song and the band were a bit unfairly slagged off, IMHO.

*End Is Forever*
25-11-2002, 00:26:19

Provost Harrison
25-11-2002, 23:30:46
Now wasn't that song by Kingmaker, a not so well known Hull band? :D

25-11-2002, 23:45:10
Bizarely supermodel Gisele claims Kingmaker (yes, the band from Hull) are her favourite band. I think they were quite good too. I particularly liked Playground Brutality up until the guy (Loz??) started singing.

25-11-2002, 23:45:37
Nice avatar PH.

Provost Harrison
26-11-2002, 00:26:34
Thanks ;)

26-11-2002, 11:11:45
Poor mans Wonderstuff