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03-01-2002, 13:54:38
I am in a phase of trying to improve my knowledge and technique before Sore Fingers week in April, I don't want to be bottom of the class!
This should help whilst I find Bluegrass study material

At the moment my main aims are fretboard knowledge and good technique and accuracy (which will hopefully result in speed)

I start with the usual warm up of chromatic scales and then mixing up major scales and pentatonic in all positions and modes.

All this is done slowly using a metronome.

I am going to start saying the note name as I play them so I can find the note rather than rely on just knowing the box patterns, also playing over chord sequences, will hopefully help with my overall understanding and the use of modes.

This will all be done with alternate/economic picking and then with hammer on and pull offs, to help with finger strength (this is all for acoustic guitar, not some guitar with a set of wussie 9's on it!)

Have I forgotten anything?

03-01-2002, 13:55:30
apart from the letter C:o

09-01-2002, 16:34:11
You've forgotten the need to stay interested and awake during your practice sessions. :sleep:

11-01-2002, 10:53:05
Yeah I know it's not the most exciting of things,but, I want to get as good as I can, so I can make the best use of the tuition form one of the best flatpickers in the US.

It would be useless if he was showing me stuff I can learn and practice on my own