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03-01-2002, 13:40:19
Well I thought I should finally write this up.

Red Hammer suffers from multiple personality disorder - its it a patch? a Mission pack? a collection of add ons? well its kind of all of the above and it suffers a bit because of it.

So part one the patch.

before anyone starts moaning about paying for patches you can download this bit for free. Red hammer updates Op flashpoint top the latest version on installation and apparently fixes the singleplayer/multiplayer problems (as I'm off line at home I cant verify this). I havnt encountered any problems since installing the patch but then I had very few before. I suspect DarkStar can make it crash every 10 minutes though :)

Part 2 the mission pack

So for all of you who got tired of playing the goody-goody americans in the original and who promptly made your own missions where you can rain destruction down on unsuspecting civilians from hind gunships this is what youve been waiting for. You play dimitri, an ex-spetznaz trooper whos been busted to private for being too mouthy and is now stuck with a bunch of rookies who seem intent on getting themselves shot (or that could just be the AI). The story plays out opposite the american campaign following the russian advance across the islands and the susbsequent american counter attack. The campaign initally starts you as a lowly trooper but you soon get your own squad to play with and the chance to drive the russian armor against some of the new american vehicles. The first few missions are a little unnerving as you spend a fair bit of time attacking civilians (admittedly armoed with rifles). Genocide sims aren't really my thing.

as campaigns go its pretty good with a nice mix of attack/defend/recce missions and a few with nice twists/tricks hidden in them. personally i think the campaign is worth the 10pound price on its own.

Part 3 the add ons.

Red hammer includes a few extras for the op flashpoint addict. Firstly the new vehicles. Theres a wide range of new and updated vehicles including updated BMPs and M113s including the M2 Bradley and Vulcans. These really add a bit of punch into the US light armor, especially now the russian gunships now have some serious AA to contend with.

Theres a new light US recon helicopter and also a fantastic Chinook - for those moments you need to deliver another 2 squads into battle.

Theres even a new civilian trabant to go joyriding in.

Then theres the extra weapons. The US get amongst other things M16s with optics, a Steyr Aug assault rifle and a laser designator. The Russians get a couple of variants of the AK74 (including a AK74 "lite" for vehicle crew). These dont really affect gameplay much and I havnt even seen the laser unit in play.

Lastly theres the extra single missions. Mostly these are just there to show off the new vehicles but there is a large battle scenario (for 1Ghz+ machines only)

So all in all its not a bad add-on. its very much a "if you like flashpoint you'll like this" but then I did like flashpoint. For ten quid you cant really complain.

03-01-2002, 15:32:46
Nice one Better One, i may have to invest in this thing.

Resource Consumer
04-01-2002, 12:51:39
I have seen all sorts of add on packs in the shops. Looks like the world has gone flashpoint crazy.

07-01-2002, 10:24:33
Just to add to my comments on the new weapons. After a bit more play testing the Steyr Aug automatic rifle is a very powerfull addition to the western arsenal.

In my opinion it is too good, at one point in the new campaign i "aquired" one half way through the mission and then just tore through the rest without any problems. Basically its a halfway house between the M21 sniper and the M16 carbine, but with only the best of each. Its accuracy is way better than the M16, even on fully automatic theres very little muzzle rise or shot dispersion and the scope on it, while not as powerfull as the proper sniper weapons is enough to pick of targets from range, especially if you have binoculars to pick the target first. It is slightly less damaging as it seems to require three-four shots to take out a target rather than the 2-3 of the other weapons but as it has a high rate of fire you can put three rounds accurately on target before the muzzle had droped back down again on the M16