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20-11-2002, 18:51:48

finished the first few missions easily on veteran difficulty - I may try dropping fewer mechs and maximizing my profit, but then experience my pilots gain from going on missions is lost. So much to consider...

My infamy rating is getting quite high :)

20-11-2002, 22:42:27
cool - MW4 is pretty good as robot games go - do you have blck knight too or just MW4?

21-11-2002, 05:09:52
I need to borrow a joystick from a friend and finish this. It is a very good game all round.

21-11-2002, 10:44:46
Joystick? Mouse and keyboard is the way with mechs! Mouse for torso, keys for legs.

21-11-2002, 14:13:49
Stick with torso twist for me. I can't maintain smooth aim with the keyboard.

I love the new rotary autocannons.

21-11-2002, 14:32:35
I liked the new design system, although it does limit what you can stick on.

My alltime favourite was a 80-90 ton mech with 3 or 4 of those magneticly propelled projectile guns (cant remember what they were called).

You only had enough ammo for about 40 shots over a mission but if you grouped them all together and let rip a hit would blow the leg off anything.

21-11-2002, 14:49:35
Ah yes, the old 'build a huge mech with half a dozen PPCs on it' trick:).

21-11-2002, 14:50:30
Or do you mean the gauss cannon thingys?

And I've tried keyboard, and I've tried joystick, and I LOVED the joystick.

21-11-2002, 14:58:28
Guass cannon. Definately - otherwise you have to lug around loads of heat sinks or risk detonating yourself everytime you fire a salvo. (unless your in a vacuum or snow/water)

Its not as effective now but in MW2 you could fill up every slot in a mech with Machine guns/ammo. Indiviually they did something like 0.5 damage but fire 15 together and thats 7 damage, firing 5 times a second (35 damage/second) with no heat buildup. Stick in on a quick mech and rush in close and chew the other guys legs off with a 15 streams of very little bullets. In MW4 I managed a similar thing by picking up several of the autocannonx2s. Not quite as effective but very cool when you strafe across someone and kick up sparks right across their mech.

21-11-2002, 17:32:22
I remember the MG trick in MW2, but never tried it. there were secret chassis' in that one too - There was even said to be an elemental chassis, but I never found it.

21-11-2002, 17:38:56
Hold on a second - wasnt Mercenaries the add on for MW2 not 4?

MW4 was MW4:Vengance and I thought the addon was Black knight (or was that MW3?)

Anyway there was an elemental chassis in MW2:Mercenaries (and yes it was shite)

21-11-2002, 21:27:44
there's a Mercenaries for MW4 now, too. Never picked up the Mercs game for MW2. Black Knight was MW4.

Can't see an Elemental chassis working in games, since they're so easy to swat, and would require groups with super teamwork skills to be effective.

26-11-2002, 07:34:39
MW isn't the same without a joystick.

Especially a good force feedback one.

Torso twists are done via twisting the stick, etc.

26-11-2002, 09:45:25
Yep but if youve played it on line (especially the older MW2) you have to do mouse and keyboard. Back in the days wherre you could load enough jumpjets to fly around easily you were facing people who could circle you keeping you in their sights then take off fly across the top of you, still shooting you, and land on the other side of the circle still blasting away. You need the quick response that you only get with a mouse controling both torso axis and the keyboard doing the legs. In fact I have a mouse with lots of buttons (I have 4) and a wheel so the throttle maps to both the wheel and the keyboard while the mouse buttons 1-3 control weapon groups 1-3. Targetting is done on the keyboard.

Makes it very easy to play.

If I could get mouse button 4 to work it would be even better!

26-11-2002, 10:11:46
Well, I don't have a joystick at the moment, so I guess I should give it a try with the keyboard again...

02-12-2002, 11:12:51
Woo just got mercenaries. Very cool. See what you mean about the rotary autocannon. Got to find something to mount 2 rot. AC 5s on. My favourite mechs are still the uziel and madcat. The uziel is the king of the medium arena levels. The madcat seems to have the best firepower to weight ratios in the heavy class. I havnt tried it out yet but I have just picked up a a 100 ton clan assault mech so that should do some damage :)

Always liked the vulture but it seems a little undergunned here.

02-12-2002, 17:22:31
Put two rotaries on a mauler and let the fun begin!

So the mouse lets you turn your torso faster than a joystick. That's a little unfair :)

Just finished the campaign as a Grey Death merc last night. Veteran seems more difficult in this game, you really have to be careful to use your lancemates to concentrate fire, or you'll end up all toasty. I think some of the difficulty comes from the enemy sometimes concentrating fire on YOU. :)

Shadowcats are still the most fun to fly for me, Hellspawn come in a close second. You just don't dare cross the sights of an assault mech in the later levels. I sometimes used a small, fast mech with NARC and had a lancemate or two in Vultures, Ryoken, or Longbows:eek:. Almost always had an Uziel along do dish out PPC hits.

Do PPC hits still disrupt missile lock? - It didn't seem to affect me, I was getting pummeled by Pumas and still managed a lock while my HUD was flickering.

02-12-2002, 18:35:13
Dont think the turn rate is faster just more accurate - if you have to pan left and up to get a hit on the mouse its just like moving the pointer, on the stick its twist and forward, not so easy (for me anyway). Unless you have the stick twist set up to be the legs?

Never really used NARCs. Are the AI lancemates smart enough to stay 800m away and fire when the narc activates? Havnt seen a longbow yet.

The double PPC hits are lethal - if you go to solaris try out a puma with 2 PPCs in the light arenas, you can splat anything in 2-3 hits.

Never tried the shadowcat, always been Uziel for medium, Vultures and Madcats for extra weight and Madcat2, Dashi, and awesomes for the big hits. See the PPC obbsession there?

The AI seems to be a bit dum to be allowed out with paired PPCs. I went into one search/patrol mission with a lance of 4 uziels, thinking that even if we ran into an assault mech we could chew its ankles off while keeping out of los or do popups from behind cover. (In one of the clan dropship hunts I took out the dropship from around 700m without being detected - passive radar with firing from a hull down position behind a hill at maximum PPC range)

Well we ran into a heavy mech (shouldnt stand a chance against 8PPCs). Stupid teammates all overloaded their coolant systems and all shut down in full view. I dont know how they did it cos you have to fire about 6 times as fast as possible with both guns to do that....

BTW do you go for the multiple weapons approach or the 1-2 big guns?

I used to load up on loads of medium size beam weapons + LRMs whenever possible. Now I rarely fit lasers at all to my mech. Always paired PPCs, guass cannon or big ACs + a few missiles, normally SSRMs.

I map the PPCs to groups 1 and 2, and the SSRMS to 3 (middle mouse button), that way I can flatten the inevitable light targets (choppers/tanks) with single PPC shots and whack mechs with both barrels if I need to. If I have some tonnes left after maxing out the armor then I get a couple of light balistics as group three and map the missiles to 4 (normally on the keyboard)

Am trying to figure out how to get 2 PPCs, 2 rotary AC2s and a LRM pack on a madcat. I think it will work but I may be stuck with a 70mph limited mech unless I skimp on armor or drop the LAMS, both of which I would rather avoid. You really really need LAMS if your going to be moving slowly.

Did you ever have to deploy a full 2 lances? I have once, 4 heavies as a main line and 4 uziels for backup. All that weight really ramps up the drop charges though...

02-12-2002, 21:01:14
I could get away with smaller drops in the beginning, but by late game, I was dropping the max number of the heaviest mechs I could field (at least in the first lance). The payouts are high enough to offset it by then.

My assault mechs tend to have a few large erpulse/xpulse or erppc and a really big cannon of some sort (the fafnir with two of the new heavy gauss is completely unfair :)) I'll stuff on a ssrm6 if I can fit it. The erppc now has a 1000 meter range, which makes it possible to snipe missileboats from outside their range.
I never have more than 3 weapon groups, mostly because I'm too lazy to remap my joystick.

AI lancemates won't maintain range and fire missiles as far as I can tell. I haven't tried ordering them to stop and then supplying them with a target. I have the feeling they won't stand still after I give them a new order, though. If you have at least one lrm on each of your lancemates and a fairly level map, the narc can really finish an enemy quickly.

Would you believe I played the whole campaign through and by the time I decided to make a side trip to Solaris I was on the final mission and solaris had been removed from the map? I'm going to try a new merc outfit and do a little Solaris tonight. I haven't tried any death from above jumps yet either, so that's on my list.

03-12-2002, 09:50:44
Death from above is hard to pull of against anything more than a small/medium mech - its just really really hard to get an assault mech high enough to drop on another assault mechs head....

use the look down command to line it up though, and be prepared to have your legs shot off by the guy underneath.

I've played a lot of solaris levels although it wont let me eneter above the medium class yet. I think its best to do them early while you dont have a huge salary charge per cycle to eat up your winnings.

I just got into the assault type missions last night. Got my 2 lances severely chewed up by a steiner attack (2 atlas, several thanatos and a load of ligt/mediums). Bushwackers are a reall pain when your driving a daishi - you cant track them easily cos their so quick realtive to you.

17-12-2002, 17:14:49
The arena/gladiator matches are awesome. I missed out on some of the best fights in the game by skipping it the first time through. I get chewed regularly on veteran, I don't think I'll be trying the highest difficulty.

Still no DFA, I may have to knock a light/med over with heavy weapons and jump on it while its down. :)

17-12-2002, 17:21:56
Thats a good idea - if you can avoid annaihalating it first :)

BTW you can go to the quick mission thingy and choose any of the arena levels. Probably the best way of playing them anyway unless you really need to impress someone.

See what you mean with the fafnir - load it with 2 heavy guass and 2 PPCs and very little can stand against it. Except when you get swampped by really fast moving targets and cant get enough shots off 'cos all your weapons are too slow (doh!)

Did you find that the AI unerringly smacks your centre torso all the f**king time? I felt like I should take all the armor off the arms/legs as they never seemed to get scratched - always the CT every bloody hit. Started running around with the torso facing the wrong way looking out of the side of the cockpit or out the back so some other facing would soak up the punishment.

Like the longbow now, esp against smaller mechs. The 60-80 LRM attack is highly amusing.
Tried any of the arrow series weapons?

17-12-2002, 21:20:06
Tried the Arrow Cluster to try and take out a dropship and its surrounding APUs and the zillion little bulldogs and hovercraft circling it (you go up against beefed up merc unit right after taking out the dropship and ground vehicles. - it works best on the stationary targets or swarms of targets so large you can't miss hitting some of them- you don't need to wait for a lock. The burst radius looked disappointingly tiny, though. Those arrow systems are heavy and large, so they only have limited use in the campaign. You can't beat the 1200 meter range, though.

I'm sure you could find a use for them in team multiplayer.

18-12-2002, 09:50:24
My experience exactly - its not much use for the weight. The normal arrow isnt too bad - at least it does decent damage. Might be worth using against a dropship. I suppose the long range would keep you away from its guass cannon (just). But then how often do you actually have 1200m line of site? And even with a B.A.P. thats absolute maximum radar range anyway.