View Full Version : UltimateGalaxy: A thinking game

Sir Penguin
16-11-2002, 10:21:12

Allegedly, a game of strategy, along the lines of Risk and Diplomacy. Looks kind of like Stars! (unless I'm getting Stars! mixed up with WinPlanet, which it also looks like). It's a web-based MPORPG (not really massive, since it costs to play and there are a maximum of 30 people per game). There isn't any micromanagement of buliding and fleet construction, because there is no building and fleet construction. You've got Resource and Realm ratings, which affect your score. Realm score determines what level of Action you can make. Each time you perform an action your Resources take a hit. You make a civilisation by choosing your primary realms and one of dozens of races. You can choose to be good at military strength, political prowess, social charisma, technological genius, or economic power. If you're good in a realm, you can do cool stuff to your planets or civilisation, and nasty stuff to your enemies. For example, if you've got a high Political realm score, you can propaganda your people so that they're more loyal to you, and you can perform a coup to take control of an enemy planet which is rebelling.

There's a demo game which they run every four hours. Unfortunately, it's not running now so I can't tell you how it plays. But it looks pretty cool. Each game has a minimum of 20 players and a maximum of 30 players, so presumably it won't go the way of Netropolis and have players who are unbeatable due to the amount of time they've been accumulating wealth.

The game costs $4.95 for the first month, and $9.99/month thereafter. This gives you access to just one game and one tournament. You can pay $2.50 each for the right to play in additional concurrent games, or $20/month to play in unlimited concurrent games and 1 concurrent tournament. That's probably US dollars.