View Full Version : Deus Ex: "Full Featured Demo" Problems

Marid Audran
02-01-2002, 04:46:14
I'm at the South Docks, and I gotta head to Battery Park. But HEY - I talk to the guy on the boat, he tells me "ready to go" or something like that...but then NOTHING happens and I cannot get onboard!

I've been told that this is a common issue in the "full featured demo" version of Deus Ex. Anyone knows of a patch to fix the problem (or, if you prefer, anyone knows of a more reliable full featured demo version around?)

Thankyou, thankyouverymuch.

No longer Trippin
02-01-2002, 07:39:21
Go buy the game, that should fix your problems.

02-01-2002, 13:43:02
Don't remember ever having a problem with the demo when I tried it out.

Buy the full game, you won't regret it. You can also use your saved game from the demo in the full game if you wish - just copy the save game files in to the correct folder in the full install and it works fine.

02-01-2002, 16:26:26
I got mine in summer 2001 for about 15 dollars US. It's worth the money to avoid the gameplay headaches, guilty conscience and paranoia.:nervous:

02-01-2002, 16:40:04
Yeah, Deus Ex is now available on a budget release over here - comes in one of those DVD boxes so they don't have to bother producing any bespoke packaging. Amusingly, the budget release (at 9.99) was directly below the full price release, located on the shelf above (at 24.99).