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No longer Trippin
31-12-2001, 22:17:40
God, this has to be the most fucking frustrating addon I've ever bought. It is good mind you, just fucking hard. The last five missions are basically impossible. You and 3 other inept assualt mechs taking on 7-8 assualt mechs and a few heavies on each mission with emplacements everywhere. All have different loadouts so you can't pick any armor other than ferro-fibrous. Pick reflective, get picked apart by Gauss Rifles (and the are a plenty on the new mech designs) or Vultures and Catapults with LRMs. Pick Reactive and Awesomes and Daishis tear you to shit with PPCs and Large Lasers before you can count to ten. Up until those last 5 missions, the game was hard, but not bloody impossible. I finally had to turn invulnerability on just so I could see the ending.

Not to mention most of the missions don't have repair bays that your lancemates can use, only you. They only use mobile field bases, a big fucking oops on that.

It also fucked up during install and now for my start button on windows, I have this black fucking box.

Anybody else bought this frustrating fucker?

02-01-2002, 16:49:46
Yes, played at regular, I'm playing veteran now and its tough.

If I didn't have a sidewinder joystick, I would be having a hell of a time even with regular. God bless torso turn.

Jumpjets actually come in handy on a few maps, which was nice. Maps in general seemed to have been thought through more carefully in terms of gameplay. One of the last missions has you rejoining your squad at a nav point - if you go around the mountain in the way to the right, you get jumped by enemies, but if you run the left side, you can rejoin your allies and end up in a fair fight. Always command your mates to attack the same target you are. Only break this rule when you're attacking a control tower or other non-targetable object, and then still tell them to concentrate all their fire on something else.

the new X-pulse weapons seem overpowered, even with decreased range and more weight, four med X-pulse on a heavy mech can tear opponents apart quickly. Just don't stand on lava fields while firing them. I enjoyed playing around with the cluster bomb, but its not practical for the weight it consumes or the aiming difficulty. Its hell on small vehicles, though.

Took only three days to finish, but my wife was home visiting her family the first day :)

Hate the destroy airbase mission on kentares(with the two waves of mechs supported with bombers and assault copters, plus light base defenders and calliopes:mad:), and the last series on the hot rocks were tough.

Any time you can take out a control tower from long range, it'll be worth the time. Calliopes suck. Hardened emplacements in general suck.

Fun, but short, just like the vanilla MW4.

D2:LoD is eating up the other half of my free time.