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05-11-2002, 15:24:17
I missed that the First series of red dwarf came out on DVD yesterday. It comes with all 6 episodes plus 90 minutes of extras.

Cheapest price Ive found is at DVDplus (http://www.shopcreator.com/mall/dvdplus/products.cfm?productid=BBCDVD1117) 14.95


05-11-2002, 15:47:59
so what is it? explain it to a yankee.

05-11-2002, 16:24:56
Unfunny, low-budget sci-fi/comedy series from the BBC. Ran for about six series (first series was shit, second shitter etc).

Some love it, most loath it. Me? I shall never forgive for inventing the catchphrase "Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast."

05-11-2002, 16:37:05
basically it's a sitcom set in space.

It follows a bunch of misfits travelling across the galaxy trying to get home. Hilarious, it was my favourite comedy programme in the 90's.

05-11-2002, 16:46:16
I really liked it as well although it tailed of in the last couple of series.

05-11-2002, 17:13:45
They're making a film as well. It'll be out end of this year apparently.

05-11-2002, 17:18:09
Isn't that what they said last year?

05-11-2002, 18:36:25
and it's what they'll say next year :)

06-11-2002, 08:00:51
15 pounds for the entire first season/series? That sounds remarkably... cheap.

06-11-2002, 10:12:18
That's pretty standard for a BBC comedy series. 6 1/2 hour episodes on 1 DVD for standard DVD price.

06-11-2002, 12:43:54
As with the The Office it comes with a second DVD with bonus feautures.

I just watched the first episode 'The End'. 'They're dead Dave.. Dave they're all Dead... They're dead Dave.' Ah nostalgia trip :)

06-11-2002, 16:51:56
Short series. Cheap prices. Here a 22 episode season will run you anywhere from 80-115 bucks.

08-11-2002, 08:40:54
Damn, 20 bucks for so many episodes of Red Dwarf??? I'd snap it up in a heartbeat! That show was comic genius!

08-11-2002, 09:52:24
Originally posted by Venom
Short series. Cheap prices. Here a 22 episode season will run you anywhere from 80-115 bucks.

Yeah, UK comedy runs are short, hopefully high quality throughout though.