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Resource Consumer
05-11-2002, 11:31:45
Taken from the softwarefirst.com website - I found this little exchange mildly amusing

Joe Bloggs on 07 October 2002 5/5
Anyone who is really interested in football and the tactical nowhow should buy this game. I played the demo and it is wicked. It will be the best manager game ever

James on 22 September 2002 4/5
If it hasent come out yet. then why have you rated it, do you have serious brain damage. And, if youve never played it, why give it a 1/5

tony blair on 28 August 2002 1/5
Whoever rated this game must have serious brain damage. it hasnt even come out yet.

Beckham on 19 June 2002 5/5
Earth to nerds!!! Just buy this game will you!!! Buy this game, it TOTALLY ROCKS. Get medal of Honour while your at it. With all the new players for the new season after England win the World cup, this game is gunna sell like hot cakes!!!

Pelle on 24 April 2002 5/5
CM rules but don't get EA's World Cup 2002. All EA football games suck. Get ISS Pro Evolution 2 for PSX and an emulator instead. That game is pure class! There is a patch that makes it into a World Cup game.