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03-11-2002, 02:28:08
Hey, I noticed you havent said anything about this new mod for Half Life, its kinda like a mix between Aliens, Team Fortress and Starcraft. The marines have a commander that produce stuff for the soldiers to use, like weapons, equipment and sentry guns. Being the commander feels almost like playing a RTS, you have to build and defend resource collectors so you can research better weapons and armors for your marines before they attack the alien Hives.

The aliens start as a rat or something (shouldve been a spider) and morph into different monsters, builders, warriors.

This mod is extremely well done with great graphics and sound that really suck you in, but sadly theres a bug that make aliens weaker then they should be. The devs are already woring on the fix though so its no problem. If youre a Starcraft or Aliens fan, you really should try it out.

Official site

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04-11-2002, 20:27:24
Thanks. That sounds interesting. So, the commander is like a queen alien sort of thing?

04-11-2002, 20:41:20
Its just the marines who have a commander, he place structures and the soldiers get them online. Extremely cool to play when you got a good commander giving out orders to everyone.

The aliens share resources and build independently, so they morph into different creatures, one that can build Hives and structures. The whole point of the game is capturing and defending resource spots and exterminate the other team.

Tried playing it for awhile and its awesome, but as I said theres a bug that make aliens alittle bit weaker then marines.

04-11-2002, 20:43:45
Tycho mentioned this on PennyArcade today. It does sound extremely impressive.