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Scabrous Birdseed
02-11-2002, 15:35:54
Alright, I went and bought this today.

It's quite nice. Like Mojo but without the utter pretentious record-wanking. Decent cover CD too.

02-11-2002, 15:53:21
Uncut does some really good cover CDs. A few years ago they gave one away which was basically a compilation of cool, slightly jazz, 70's film score (stuff like Taxi Driver and Dirty Harry). It's an excellent album.

Another good one gathered together loads of 70's FM, country and arena rock. Stuff like Neil Young, the Byrds, Gram Parsons, and Peter Frampton. My dad has had it in his car for years

02-11-2002, 16:32:59
It's the only mag that gives decent coverage of Americana aswell. Shame it's quite hard to find it in my town's newagents

Scabrous Birdseed
02-11-2002, 17:02:22
As usual, it's not as quirky and imaginative in article selection as a good music mag should be, and it lacks decent coverage of music from outside the normal perspective. I think there might be more fun tiny things to read in Mojo still, which appeals to me.

Lazarus and the Gimp
02-11-2002, 17:38:10
"Uncut" is very good, largely because most of it's writers are refugees from early-90's "Melody Maker", when it was great. It tends to go for Alt-Country overkill, but it's the best of the glossies.

Scabrous Birdseed
02-11-2002, 18:42:59
Borders has a decent selection of zines as well. Any recommendations?

02-11-2002, 19:08:00
Creative Review
The Architectural Review

Well I think they're interesting.