View Full Version : LWP3 CD Cover

30-10-2002, 14:13:24
If any of you lovely LWP3 participants would like a sexy CD cover for your CD's click here to download one.


I realise that not everyone will have the same size CD cases, so PM me if you want the dimensions changed.

Scabrous Birdseed
30-10-2002, 14:24:29
Can someone find six little transformies I can use as review icons? Potentially wearing headphones.

The Shaker
30-10-2002, 21:20:41
dun't work for me :(

The Shaker
30-10-2002, 21:21:55
aha it suddenly did.


30-10-2002, 21:22:15
Hmm, has anyone actually got that link to work properly? All the fonts seem to be fucked up, and the main picture only half appears.

Scabrous Birdseed
30-10-2002, 21:23:57
Worked fo' me!

The Shaker
30-10-2002, 21:25:49
Worked fo' me too_ eventually afte much blood, sweat, tears and pot noodles.

30-10-2002, 21:38:34
Hmm, I think you may have actually got shit copy Rick, I'll mail you a nice version...........

Anyone else who couldn't get it to work PM me.