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The Mad Monk
26-12-2001, 16:42:19
My brother just got me into this game--spent $60+ on figures, going to spend more this afternoon...

The Mad Monk
27-12-2001, 17:01:28


Vincent Fandango
27-12-2001, 19:29:47
No. I got no brother.

Greg W
27-12-2001, 19:53:42
Sorry, never heard of it. I did play Warhammer Fantasy Battle for a while there - it's a miniatures wargame, so I presume similar to what you're talking about. Cost a small fortune for miniatures too. :hmm:

The Mad Monk
30-12-2001, 02:54:20
Mage Knights is a cross between miniatures waqrgaming and card games. You buy a starter pack with 2d6, an 18" tape measure, rules, and ten theoretically-random-yet-always-low figures. Booster packs of 5 regular (or 1 double base and three regular) figures are sold. You don't know what you've bought until the box is opened.

The figures are plastic and come pre-painted, with a clever dial base the gives the figure's stats, including hit points--when hit, you rotate the dial the number of clicks needed (usually changing the other stats shown), and if skulls turn up, the piece is dead.

It's one of those games that you can play until dawn with nobody knowing--or caring.

30-12-2001, 11:19:34
I've got 2 brothers but never heard of this either.