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24-12-2001, 10:53:36
Wolverhamton and London Sold out DAMN DAMN DAMN:(

24-12-2001, 12:03:11
Yeah, I really wanted to go to that as well. :(

*End Is Forever*
30-12-2001, 01:06:53
I have an offer of a ticket to see them with Blink-182... that's if I can't get one through Nouse first. Maybe if I buy the ticket for Blink-182 our beloved music editor can get me one (or three! :lol: ) for Jimmy Eat World in London...

I've been here before, but only by myself...

*End Is Forever*
30-12-2001, 01:07:41
And didn't I post a thread about that show, like, yonks ago somewhere?

30-12-2001, 01:21:20
Yeah, and then I forgot, and then I saw an ad and remembered again and it was sold out. :(

*End Is Forever*
30-12-2001, 01:33:18

Ah well.

They oughta do some more dates.

30-12-2001, 01:46:00
Yes, damn them. Extra gigs for the lazy forgetful ones.

*End Is Forever*
30-12-2001, 01:46:52
Even the lazy, forgetful stoned ones...

30-12-2001, 01:48:51
You can just call them stoned, lazy and forgetful goes with it.

*End Is Forever*
30-12-2001, 15:24:10
EDIT: Perhaps they should do some extra London dates... :lol: