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24-10-2002, 12:42:40
Hells Teeth!


60 odd quid for that bad boy, a 5-Disc "ultimate Collectors Edition of LOTR:TFOTR". Of course, there's always the 4-disc "Extended Directors Edition" which is out next month, unless you want the paultry 2-disc Normal edition!


24-10-2002, 14:04:44
That is madness...

24-10-2002, 15:20:34
That's ridiculous. 3 releases of 1 movie just to try and pry more money away from the fan boys. If anyone buys more than 1 version of this film they should be shot.

24-10-2002, 16:19:11
I plan to buy the 4-dick version and sell/give away my existing 2-dick version.

24-10-2002, 17:26:59
Fair enough.

I'm going for the 4 disc version as well.

24-10-2002, 18:17:22
Will you at least wait to shoot me after I have watched the 4 disk vesion?

by the looks of things that should give me quite a while to live then.

24-10-2002, 18:30:08
Nope. Not at all. I have no pity for you especially since they annouced even before the 2 disc version was out that they would release a 4 disc version 2 months later. If you wanted to watch the movie again that badly you should have rented it.

Instead, you shall be shot.

24-10-2002, 19:36:29
No, I just wanted to own both versions. Remember I am the geek who saw it four times in the theater.

24-10-2002, 19:41:33
Yep. You're dead.

25-10-2002, 01:47:54
Stop talking the man to death and do it, Venom.

25-10-2002, 02:44:06
He hasn't posted in awhile, has he?

25-10-2002, 02:47:49
Why aren't you waiting on the special, special limited 15 disc edition?

Or just wait 18 months and get the complete special, special, special 60 disc trilogy edition?

25-10-2002, 05:48:36
Venom came by the house earlier, all intent on farting me to death, but then I showed him the geneological tables of all the hobbits in Hobbiton, the one that I put together on different colored napkins... When he woke up he was on a train back to NC, in a pen with a ouple horny sheep.

I think I put my back out dragging him to the train station.

25-10-2002, 08:23:46
There is a total 11 discs being released for the first episode
That could work out at 33 discs for teh whole trilogy. Mad!

26-10-2002, 20:32:02
That's assuming, of course, that the next two don't have more… :scared:
What exactly does the 5 disc one include that the 4 one doesn't have? A cookie tin?

30-10-2002, 16:26:10
The 5 disk collector's edition has a the National Geographic special on the making of LOTR in NZ. It also has "collectable" bookends based on the Argonath. Those are the only difference other than price.

30-10-2002, 16:55:12
also includes hobbit's clipnails, Arwen panties (natural fur) and Gollum's snort. For true fans.

Resource Consumer
30-10-2002, 17:00:14
What - no Gandalf hat?:(

31-10-2002, 09:23:54
only his dentier (false teeth)

19-11-2002, 22:53:48
Rented it over the weekend.
The added scenes make it seem like a whole new, and better, movie. The added disc were crap though. :cool:

20-11-2002, 10:37:13
I think I'll get the 4 disk set then.

20-11-2002, 13:46:34
I bought the 4 disc set yesterday and it's absolutely fantastic! :)

20-11-2002, 16:12:47
How much did you pay for it? Tis only £22.49 at play.com

20-11-2002, 16:33:22
Paid 40 EUR for it at a local store.

20-11-2002, 16:48:31
£25.46 ? Ooh, should have gone to www.play.com :D

20-11-2002, 16:51:38
You get sponsored by them as well?

20-11-2002, 16:54:47
I wish

20-11-2002, 17:24:44
Order the UK version and have to wait a week before I get it ... for 3 pounds less? No thanks.

21-11-2002, 09:05:40
Fair enough, although they do get posted from Belgium

21-11-2002, 09:37:55
Ordered it for same price from Amazon yesterday.

21-11-2002, 11:11:59
Nice one.

22-11-2002, 09:26:14
Hooray, got my 4-disc Extended Fellowship DVD last night... What a quality piece of kit :D

22-11-2002, 09:53:09
Got mine this morning. :beer:

22-11-2002, 10:06:31
I watched the first 10mins of the film last night, and it is quite different at the beginnning, which is nice. I also watched about 20mins of Appendix 1, which was actually interesting. Bonus features that are interesting, a radical change!

22-11-2002, 10:11:19

I haven't seen the film since I went to the cinema to see it last year.

22-11-2002, 11:09:17
I watched the "normal" DVD edition last weekend - I thought with the impending TTT release I should re-visit the first installment. It was great!

Now of course I'm going to have to watch the Extended version :D

22-11-2002, 12:23:00
There's quite a lot of funny stuff among the added scenes. I really laughed my ass off at some. :D

22-11-2002, 13:19:05
I probably won't be able to tell which bits have been added... don't remember it that well.

22-11-2002, 13:47:41
3k :)

22-11-2002, 17:03:45
You paid 3K for the DVD? You were had!

22-11-2002, 17:09:49
It was in Yen.

22-11-2002, 17:53:56
Bargain then

25-11-2002, 22:00:25
Well, how do you guys like your new DVDs?
I did like the bit about minitures and bigitures.

26-11-2002, 09:23:33
I've watched one segment of bonus material so far, which I found interesting, so that's good. I like the packaging ;)

26-11-2002, 15:01:14
I watched the first DVD of the special edition last night. (finishes in Rivendel as the Fellowship is formed). That DVD is as long as a normal film and it was too late to watch the end.

It's really good. The extra stuff in The Shire really adds a lot to the film. Makes it much more coherent and develops the hobbits and their relationships a lot better.

Great stuff!

26-11-2002, 16:00:37
I hear that they are making a 6 disk set. The 6th disk will be 3 hours of footage of people watching the movie. So you can see their reactions to it.

26-11-2002, 16:08:41
I heard they're making a "real-time" version of the film, based on the success of the drama series "24".

The whole of the Lord of the Rings will be made in to a real-time duration docu-drama-thriller-sleep-o-thon. It will span 5000 DVDs.

27-11-2002, 16:20:35
The actors commentary is just soooo good ...

I just watched the film again with it and I was actually annoyed by the actual film sometimes distracting me from what they were saying. :D

27-11-2002, 16:26:47
What about the one where they have a dog watch the movie?

27-11-2002, 17:03:53
I've not yet managed to "watch" a commentary track for more than about 10 minutes on any of the DVDs I've got, it just gets too boring.

27-11-2002, 18:45:23
What I really liked about the actors commentary was that a lot of the time you don't only have one guy but the four hobbits talking to you. They're teasing each other, talking about funny things that happened on the set and stuff like that, often not even related to the scene you're watching. I really enjoyed it and had some good laughs.